Monday, November 2, 2015

Concrete Sidewalks

     I always knew growing up on the farm that I never wanted to leave.  My sisters and I had the whole thing planned out, who would take what houses and how we would run our operation together.  But, now I am not there and they are running it without me.  I used to get up every morning and walk down my driveway to the stares of my show heifers and curious calves in the weaning barn.  My family operated as a unit, whether we were rounding up cattle or loading for a show.  We all had our own jobs.  Now I am gone!  Every weekend I get to go home and walk down the driveway to the barn but I don't have my jobs anymore, someone else had to step up.  I hate waking up and putting on clean shoes, and jeans that are loosing their stains.  I strongly dislike living with a...girl from New York who has no clue about Ag (and I live on an Ag floor) or doesn't understand why I wake up so early.  Farming in ingrained in my life.  I may walk to an elevator and walk on concrete to transfer to another building but I still draw cows on my papers, order semen, find new genetics and make sure I am getting pictures from the farm.  People are two to three generations removed from the family farm.  It is because they move away and learn different ways like sleeping in and clean shoes.  Our population is expected to increase to 9 billion people by 2050 now imagine how many college kids come from farms NOW, think about how many won't go back but had plans to before they left.  I worry sometimes that I will go with the "easy way" and not go back to the farm.  But then I talk to a cattleman or cattle woman.  It is instantaneous how quickly my passion for Ag is reignited.  I have Ag running through my veins and I know I will never leave, the real question is if I will run our family's operation with my sisters or I will represent Ag from DC.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Away From Home

     I was standing in line to get coffee when I received a text from the farm.  It was a picture of a little red heifer in the field who we want to keep and maybe show.  It made me think of yesterday when I was at the barn and nobody (the cows) knew who I was.  The next day I got another text from the farm with a picture of my dad mowing hay till 1 am and back up before 5 am so he could finish,  I was sad at first but then I remembered why I am doing this whole college thing.  I am doing this so I can give back to the agriculture community.  You will hear me say this a lot because it is so true.  At school the "Ag Campus" is my home away from home and although it hurts my heart to know my show heifers don't even recognize me it will all be worth it in the end.

I am going to write another blog about her because she is so unique!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Differing Opinions

     I went into my last class Biodiversity: Past, Present, and Future.  The professor, who I know I am going to enjoy having, is an environmentalist of sorts.  He believes to survive we have to co-mingle with the environment and organisms other than our selves and he said "We are failing greatly."    Coming from a farming background the environment is of the utmost importance to us.  We take pride in the fact we have farmed the same land for years and to do so takes close relationships with people like the NRCS and the EPA.   I cannot wait to embark on this journey of different views on some topics I hope to bring here, the margins of my notes already have "Blog Post..." scattered about.  It is going to be an excited semester here at The  University of Tennessee.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shop Small, Keep It Local

I just got back from my trip to Montana for the 2015 American Junior Simmental Association Leadership Summit.   I was so fortunate to have been given sponsorship money to attend the conference in Bozeman!   The businesses that sponsored my trip believe in young people and believe in the cattle industry.  Being raised in a family with many business owners,  I realize the amount of money that goes out the door to sponsorships each year and I am very thankful for their contributions and their belief in me and what I am doing. Go buy something from these businesses and tell them Farmer Madison sent you!     Athens Stockyard, R & R Tractor, and Dooley Tractor.   The outpouring of love from these business owners was overwhelming.  I am truly grateful to be involved in the Agriculture community.
Montana is big so I took that time write thank-you notes

The TN attendees in the old American Simmental Association headquarters

We visited Billings Livestock Commission.  I love going to other stockyards to see how they manage the cattle and how they are setup.  

Down one of the mile-long alleys, out west they do everything on horse back.

A Bull's View

We had to wear protective boot coverings to keep the area sanitary. 

Canada with Tennessee.  

#MontanaMoment with the most beautiful mountains 

From the front porch looking out!  I am jealous of the family that lives here.  

A Powerhouse

I am going through sorority recruitment this week and I have been walking around campus in heels, hose, and a dress!  I love dressing up.  I love working on the farm in my jeans, but as you've noticed on my blog I am all about traveling, staying in great hotels and attending events.  I plan on being an Ag Lawyer so that I can dress up often and still enjoy a great lifestyle along with being on the farm.   I know clothes don't make the person, but when I get dressed up in a blazer and slacks or I wear clothes like I am wearing this week, I feel AWESOME.  I feel like a POWERHOUSE.  Whenever I say that word I think about BEEF being a nutritional powerhouse!  This is why I advocate for the beef industry, because we have a fantastic product.  I am looking ahead at my future and it looks fantastic from where I stand.    I can't wait to enjoy this entire college experience.  I can't wait to see what my future holds!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Extra Friendly

  Like every Tuesday I get my chores done and go to work.  This last Tuesday I had time to go get a coffee too and I knew it was going to be a good day!  I went around the side, straight into the back, and on my right were two weathers (casterated male lambs).  I was immediately drawn to them for one of two reason, we never have sheep come through and they were darn good lambs.  Once I rounded the corner I was told to get them in line to go into the sale ring.  Okay, I got them lined up and sat down in the pen with them, with my coffee in hand.   Now, when I opened the gate they came trotting out but when I sat down they came straight over to me, trying to get my coffee.  As I'm sitting there Dean, my boss, comes through the gate and laughs asking me if i am taking pictures, I laugh and tell him of course! I have judged lambs and even showed one but these cuties were sweet as could be!  I kept trying to put the pieces together.  They were tame, gentle, wanted coffee, came when the gate opened, had TN ear tags (for our state 4H Expo), and overall were show quality lambs.
   Time to go in the ring, Dean,

comes out and mubles something and tells me to bring them in and low and behold my friend and her sister come up the alley!  These lambs were in fact show lambs!  They had competed at the State Sheep Expo and being a weathers were being sold for meat!  The prices fell into place, haha!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

All At Once!

Everything is still going on the farm! I haven't had time to sit down at the computer and write blogs (follow along on my Facebook page Madison's Farm Adventures for daily updates) but today was extra interesting!
  I knew we had the vet coming at noon and two buyers coming throughout the day.  I went down to the barn to wait with pop and the first buyer was there and BAM, 5 seconds later the second man pulled in! It was a little chaotic because I had to do it all by myself and quickly!  We are now down to just three calves in the lot at the barn!  And then I found a new baby calf while I was waiting on the vet.  The vet arrived shortly after I got in from the field and he was in and out before I could say hello!  On our farm I try to get things done efficiently and our customers in and out.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Jumped

        This day has been the most chaotic productive satisfying day senior year, while all my friends were showing cattle and the local high school and ten surrounding counties were having Prom. It all began last night when I was working a party at the Eclectic Vibe Centre while my mom was away at a drama rehearsal. It was ten o’clock before she got back. The kicker was Ashton and I both had the ACT the next morning, 8 am bright and early. 8 am isn't a big deal, it is when you have farm chores to complete first. We were both up at 6, we were the walking dead, I had gotten smart and worn my clothes to bed!!! Once we had our tickets printed, none of our printers had ink, we headed out to go feed everything! When rolled out of the driveway at 7:30, everything was cooperating! We got breakfast at the convenient store and went to the test center. We have accomplished many victories on no sleep but we both agreed how difficult sitting at a desk reading question after question was! We couldn't focus, I got done with each part quickly so I could nap. I luckily didn't have to do the writing portion. I walked out of the their dead on my feet and in need of coffee, Farmer Madison Runs on Dunkin. Once I got my coffee, I got a call from the farm! I needed to breed a cow. I sped home and bred the cow. It was now three and I decided there was no use in taking a nap so I cleaned my room! While I was cleaning, I got this urge to cook, I am preparing for my future (hopefully a man can deal with me!!) I had been meaning to cook Beef Short Ribs for awhile but have been so busy. I went down to the freezer, got the ribs, started defrost them and went back to the barn to feed. The ribs were to cook for three hours so while the heifers were eating I went and prepared the food. It kept getting better, while I was washing dishes and watching the ribs simmer Dad walks in “when will you be ready to breed this cow?” Once I get to a stopping place and inform Eli we are leaving (yes, I left a 9yo at home alone, sue me) I took off my awesome apron from Strassburger Steaks I went to the barn. Not before I put the chickens up! When I finally got to the barn, it was raining. I bred the darn thing in the pouring rain. It kept getting better. I had to go let the show heifers out and feed hay to the horses and heifers. Earlier I had taken the ladder to the did I get up into the hay loft? First I called dad to tell him I had no ladder, as he was walking to the house, I remembered *hey, I'm young, I used to scale the wall* I ended up calling dad and telling him I got up into the loft. Once I got the hay down, I faced the getting back down. I have always been one to jump off of things and try to basically hurt myself. After much internal debate, I jumped. Now I was out of the loft, the heifers were turned out it was back to the kitchen. I cooked dinner after sticking my hand inside a cow....Dad said it tasted good though! I am still cleaning the kitchen but I have more energy than I did this morning!

The recipe I got the idea from, I don't stick to directions very well was found on Drover's
The Beef freezer, one of two!

Took a break for stick my hand in a cow!

The wall I scaled.  It was all fun and games till i got to the door and had to pull myself  up!

Mushroom and wine sauce!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Proud Farmers Granddaughter

          As I was driving home to clean pens and work show calves...the radio in the truck is broken so I was thinking about my life!  As I was sitting at the stop sign longer than the people behind me probably liked but I was in a truck that maxed out at 55 mph so I left my "give a care" at home in my truck that can actually accelerate.  As I pulled out in front of someone in this manual dump-truck i was thinking how awesome kids are that were raised on farms and ranches.  My mom had called me this morning while I was at the barn feeding and asked me to get her some mulch for her studio and I COULD.  I drove that stick-shift, spread it (and it looks good), and unloaded 80 folding chairs all before lunch! While I was spreading i got so many looks and they looked harder when they realized I was a girl.   I am a farmers granddaughter work is second, sometimes first, nature to me!

Oops contracting (my sister and I) did this!

And i did this all by myself and loved every minute!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

What is my Password?

I haven't been on here in so long, I had to log back in.  I am sorry for my lack of posts but I am still taking daily #felfies and doing farm chores.  With all the weather my college classes have been wacky and farm chores get more complex when freezing temperatures are a factor.  Here are some snaps from my time away!
Sweets and Me, she is my absolute bff
We came home from Dixie National to a heifer calf out of Agnus my angus show heifer from last year!!

I spend every Tuesday and Thursday with these guys at the stockyard.  The in thing is a toboggan over your hat!

Sweets and I on one of the rare warm days!

Luna got a little anxious

On my way to a 4H contest before the sun rose!

My meats team, I love these girls

And our Coach, Becky G!
Our Milking Parlour

The chickens enjoyed the snow!

And we did too.  We put our redneck ingenuity to use.   Dad cut holes in a feed trough, tied it to the Kubota and we went sledding in a cow pasture! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cattle Industry Convention 2015 PICTURES

In the airport I had to get creative on where to put my hat!

My hat even got its own seat!

ANCW, NCBA Member, BQA certified, itweet, I love cows. 

more escalator room was needed for Cattlemen College attendees! #investedinthefuture 

Aww man, I love a man in a hat.

Patti Buck, immediate past president of ANCW

Every social media person needs an external charger port

Christy from AL

So many passionate women I sat on the floor! 

I wore a skirt and flats, at a cattle event.  

The Briscoe museum,  i walked past this masterpiece to and from the convention center and my hotel.

I love seeing all the trucks...and the hats oh and the mustaches!

Darren Williams, Dean of Students for the Master of Beef Advocacy program.  

Mal the Beef Gal y'all!

You're boots are too clean when you can sit them on your bed.

a charger cord in the back of my name badge.  I'm a bit of a nerd!

This man was slick.  I would have bought his product!!

Horse carriage rides around downtown San Antonio 

Michelle Boyles NC and I enjoying an ANCW speaker!

Learning Parliamentary procedure the cool way with ANCW women!

BEEF and Cheesecake. Winner Winner Beef Dinner

Erin Morrison.  I met her at the 2014 beef ambassador contest when she got on the team but she was a NCBA intern this time around.

Jan Lyons, one of two WOMEN NCBA presidents.  This lady is a role model for me.

Karoline Rose of MT

Greg and Kendal Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers

Maddy Ruble, I first met her when she was on the National Beef Ambassador team in 2011

Rachel Purdy, I competed with her in 2011 when she was a junior and now she is on the NBAP team! 

Will Pohlam who i was also a junior with in 2011 and is now on the team and Tammi Didlot past ANCW president

Chandler Mulvaney was on the 2014 NBAP team

The steak dinner I earned after dealing with rush hour in the ATL airport 

And of course I had to have dessert.

You know you're at a cattle event when there are boot boxes lying around

I did a very Texan thing and had Whataburger

Even sold some BEEF jewelry which goes to a new ANCW website to further promote BEEF education.