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Boots, Buckles, & Bling

Every time I go to the airport I am reminded that it is hard for a farm girl to fly.The problem all starts with the packing.I have many pairs of boots and they don’t all fit in my carry-on!The ones I decide to take must be polished and this takes a while mostly because I wear my boots, a lot. Even the boots I consider “dress” boots inadvertently get cow mess on them at some point.The next task I must accomplish in order to pack is getting my jeans starched. My dry cleaners make sure they are hard as boards for me.After the boots and jeans it is time for the buckles and bling. I have lots of jewelry as every farm girl must.Sometimes I have a hard time deciding between the buckles I have won at cattle shows.After the packing is done and I have arrived at the airport I must get almost totally undressed to proceed.Yup those boots, buckles, and jewelry must come off and go through a scanner. Then after I go through the scanner I usually have to be patted down again in the bedazzled pocket …