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I Jumped

This day has been the most chaotic productive satisfying day senior year, while all my friends were showing cattle and the local high school and ten surrounding counties were having Prom. It all began last night when I was working a party at the Eclectic Vibe Centre while my mom was away at a drama rehearsal. It was ten o’clock before she got back. The kicker was Ashton and I both had the ACT the next morning, 8 am bright and early. 8 am isn't a big deal, it is when you have farm chores to complete first. We were both up at 6, we were the walking dead, I had gotten smart and worn my clothes to bed!!! Once we had our tickets printed, none of our printers had ink, we headed out to go feed everything! When rolled out of the driveway at 7:30, everything was cooperating! We got breakfast at the convenient store and went to the test center. We have accomplished many victories on no sleep but we both agreed how difficult sitting at a desk reading question after questi…

Proud Farmers Granddaughter

As I was driving home to clean pens and work show calves...the radio in the truck is broken so I was thinking about my life!  As I was sitting at the stop sign longer than the people behind me probably liked but I was in a truck that maxed out at 55 mph so I left my "give a care" at home in my truck that can actually accelerate.  As I pulled out in front of someone in this manual dump-truck i was thinking how awesome kids are that were raised on farms and ranches.  My mom had called me this morning while I was at the barn feeding and asked me to get her some mulch for her studio and I COULD.  I drove that stick-shift, spread it (and it looks good), and unloaded 80 folding chairs all before lunch! While I was spreading i got so many looks and they looked harder when they realized I was a girl.   I am a farmers granddaughter work is second, sometimes first, nature to me!