Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Am I seeing Double, Again?

This post actually happened a couple of weeks ago!    I am just getting around to writing about it!

So today was interesting, as usual!
  Satan's Spawn had a calf.  She isn't just any cow as you can tell by her name.  She is the Devil.  She is one of the most protective cows you have ever seen until her calf is around 3 months old.  This is really a good thing, considering she doesn't ever need any help raising her calves.  It becomes a problem when we aren't able to get near the calf to band or tag it.  This year, however, we thought it would be different.  Satan's Spawn was in another field getting a drink and eating grass, so three of us got together to tried to get to the calf while she wasn't around.  We had a solid plan:   One person would be the lookout, the other was a calf holder, and the third person did the would band and tag.  We went out to the field to find the calf and she started leisurely walking towards us.   It was almost too good to be true.  I started to feel uneasy and I definitely didn't trust the lookout because he was unaware why I named the cow Satan's Spawn.  My grandfather attempted to do the work (banding and tagging) and I watched the cow with one eye and Pop (my grandfather) with the other eye.  He couldn't get both testicles to drop and as he was working with his head down Satan's Spawn walked passed us. I was shocked, and thought she was going to turn around any second and charge.  I kept telling Pop, "I will abandon ship if she comes any closer!"  Most of the cows belong to my Pop and I know they wouldn't hurt him, but she would probably kill me.  Once we got the calf banded and tagged, we realized that she didn't know we had the calf.  After we were done, we took the calf to her and realized that she had twins.  That is when we also realized why she didn't care that we were handling the other twin.  Satan's Spawn was on her millionth set of twins.  We average two sets of twins on our farm each year.  People often comment that we need to have our water tested.  I had a feeling she had twins again.  It wasn't like her to NOT try to kill us when we were banding the calf, but once we approached the other calf (the twin she claimed) we saw her true colors.   I tried all my methods of getting her to take the banded calf but none of them worked.  She was only interested in the calf by her side.  The calf we had banded kept trying to nurse, but Satan kept kicking it and eventually started butting it and being really aggressive towards the little guy.    That was when I had had ENOUGH.  I was so mad, I was seeing red.  The worst part of watching this was that the calf kept trying again to nurse and each time Satan's Spawn hurt it worse.  I stepped in,  almost in tears, and we took the banded calf to the barn.  Before we headed to the barn we let the calf nurse on another cow that had just lost a calf.   This Cow that had just lost her baby was a show cow from 2003 so she led with a halter very nicely. This sweet cow would be the new momma to the banded calf we call GROVER!!!!

Success with a calf is a great feeling!

I thought I looked pretty funny and a little stereotypical redneck