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Am I seeing Double, Again?

This post actually happened a couple of weeks ago!    I am just getting around to writing about it!

So today was interesting, as usual!
  Satan's Spawn had a calf.  She isn't just any cow as you can tell by her name.  She is the Devil.  She is one of the most protective cows you have ever seen until her calf is around 3 months old.  This is really a good thing, considering she doesn't ever need any help raising her calves.  It becomes a problem when we aren't able to get near the calf to band or tag it.  This year, however, we thought it would be different.  Satan's Spawn was in another field getting a drink and eating grass, so three of us got together to tried to get to the calf while she wasn't around.  We had a solid plan:   One person would be the lookout, the other was a calf holder, and the third person did the would band and tag.  We went out to the field to find the calf and she started leisurely walking towards us.   It was almost too good to be true…