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"Milk Moonshiner"

Twitter Party

I, on a whim, participated in my first ever twitter party!  The party was #ZTagsStayIn hosted in part by American National CattleWomen and Z Tags.  It was to start at 8 ET.  The party was about telling your tips on tagging your cattle and if you used the Z Tags one- piece applicator tag how easy it is.  Z Tags was also giving away six twenty-five dollar gift cards for the best answer.  It was the end of the contest and I got a notification...I had won the LAST gift card!  I was so excited! I'm still excited, I can't bring myself to spend it!  Thank you ZTags!!

The Way Home


Taking Pride in Tomorrow's Leaders

The Tennessee Cattlemens Association started a "Spotlight" for juniors in their monthly issue!  This month I was picked to be the "Spotlight"!  The article is above.  I am so lucky to be a part of an organization that takes pride in their youth.  I love my Tennessee Cattlemen and CattleWomen! 

Nursery Renovating


On Cloud Nine

I am still on cloud nine from our Knoxville Junior Spring Cattle Show (KJSC) and it happened over three weeks ago! KJSC is a two-day event of skill-a-thon, showmanship, and Cattle Showing. We got there on Friday. The folks over the show decided that this year we would do showmanship and skill-a-thon on the day we arrive instead of the second day.Upon arriving, I realized how hectic the show was going to be, but it definitely exceeding my expectations on that front. Right when we got there we had to get on the ball with unloading our trailer and getting my showmanship heifer bathed and dried. As usual, they called us to do skill-a-thon right while I was in the middle of drying my heifer. I knew if I didn’t go immediately I wouldn’t go at all so, I told my friend to finish drying my heifer.
…….Two hours later. I am still in skill-a-thon! The show is fixing to begin and I am dirty, don’t know whether or not my heifer is ready, have no idea where my show halter, show harness (holds my exhi…

God's Gift to Us


A Different Perspective

Words.  To use words you must know words.  Words don't come until we are at least one year old. For some people like Temple Grandin they came at three and a half.  Temple thinks differently than us. She thinks in pictures.  Why, because she has autism. Although some told her mother she would be plagued by autism.  Her mother looked on the bright side. She never gave up on Temple. During a summer at her aunt's ranch she developed a great interest in cattle.  With the persuasion and push Temple went on to get her PhD in Animal Science.  She has put her best foot forward in her, so far, 35-year career to make a difference in handling. She teaches many different level classes at Colorado state which I want to attend just to take her course. I know I would love her as a teacher because I heard her talk this past April and realized the intelligence and love she possesses for the cattle. At her talk I bought one of many books she has written.  Living on a working beef farm I am alway…