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The Fridge is Stocked and The Hot Tub is ON

That title says a lot!  This weekend I am attending the region two American National Cattle Women meeting.  The great state of Georgia is hosting us at a beautiful resort in the North Georgia Mountains.  I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend full of bonding and learning.   I decided to hitch a ride with two of the other awesome cattle women from Tennessee.  Beth Burns, from Pikeville, works for an ag insurance agency and Lena Freeman,  from Maryville, sells semen.   It sure made for a fun ride!  Once we got to the lodge we met up with all the other cattle women that were attending and soon found the food! Girls have gotta eat!  Then it was onto the goodie bags and the fabulous speakers! We closed the night out with R & R in the hot tub so we would be prepared for the next day's walk at 7am!

Young Farmer Madison

I was thinking recently about how I always relate big farmer events to what I was doing the day they happened.  It seems like I am never at home when things go wrong.  It is usually one of those unusual days that I decide to venture away from the farm. It doesn't happen often, but when it does something goes wrong.  Here are some examples:
     The last day Dollywood was open for the winter was when our calving season began! The first calf was a preemie heifer, and boy was she small.  Dad brought her to a newly bedded pen for the night and when I got home I wrapped her up!  It was a cold night! She was Lucky number One and she was lucky Dad found her.  She was also the first calf that will be registered under my name, exciting.
     I was recording a recent birth in my calf watch book.  However, the birth had happened over a week before I got around to recording it. I couldn't remember the exact date, but I knew it was born the day the movie "Divergent" came out!    …