Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Fridge is Stocked and The Hot Tub is ON

  That title says a lot!  This weekend I am attending the region two American National Cattle Women meeting.  The great state of Georgia is hosting us at a beautiful resort in the North Georgia Mountains.  I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend full of bonding and learning.   I decided to hitch a ride with two of the other awesome cattle women from Tennessee.  Beth Burns, from Pikeville, works for an ag insurance agency and Lena Freeman,  from Maryville, sells semen.   It sure made for a fun ride!  Once we got to the lodge we met up with all the other cattle women that were attending and soon found the food! Girls have gotta eat!  Then it was onto the goodie bags and the fabulous speakers! We closed the night out with R & R in the hot tub so we would be prepared for the next day's walk at 7am!
Jennifer Houston (cattle woman from Tennessee)  giving us ladies a run down of what My Beef Check Off does, she is with The Federation of State Beef Councils!

Michelle Boyles from NC ( I met her at the NCBA Convention) she is the ANCW  Region 2 director

The TN ladies already got put in the slammer! L-Beth, R-Lena

The ladies relaxing in the living room with a straight shot to the fridge

Friday, April 25, 2014

Young Farmer Madison

I was thinking recently about how I always relate big farmer events to what I was doing the day they happened.  It seems like I am never at home when things go wrong.  It is usually one of those unusual days that I decide to venture away from the farm. It doesn't happen often, but when it does something goes wrong.  Here are some examples:
     The last day Dollywood was open for the winter was when our calving season began! The first calf was a preemie heifer, and boy was she small.  Dad brought her to a newly bedded pen for the night and when I got home I wrapped her up!  It was a cold night! She was Lucky number One and she was lucky Dad found her.  She was also the first calf that will be registered under my name, exciting.
     I was recording a recent birth in my calf watch book.  However, the birth had happened over a week before I got around to recording it. I couldn't remember the exact date, but I knew it was born the day the movie "Divergent" came out!    Usually we don't see movies the day they come out so it was a memorable day.   I whipped out my smart phone to see that I had seen the movie on March 21, 2014!  
    The night the movie "Eclipse" came out I was at a cattle show and almost broke my jaw from being butted by a heifer in the ring. I still went on to win Grand Champion Percentage heifer.  Instead of riding home with the cattle I rode to the ER with my mom!! The Doc told me I was lucky that the jaw is the strongest bone or I would have broken it!
    I work at our local stock yard and the day I worked my first preconditioned sale I logged 14 hours.  I was excited because that meant money, but also exhausted when I came home at almost midnight to find out a calf was in trouble.  My dad informed that an old show heifer was calving and he just went ahead and brought her to the barn.    I had to check on her throughout the night and I was soooo tired.  After my  first check, I knew I  needed to get the calf out.  The head and ONE foot were out.  Its supposed to be TWO feet and a head on top.   Once I figured out what was wrong, I took off my jewelry and cardigan and went for it!!  I got it all situated but Dad and I weren't strong enough.  The calf died and then the following Saturday she had another calf, dead too.  In the end I am glad they were both born dead because she couldn't have raised two.
    Working on the farm is my life and no matter what else is going on it takes priority.  I haven't been to a prom yet (I might not go at all since there is no man yet) but if I do, I like to think about what kind of adventures I might have dressed in a fancy dress.  Hopefully those adventures won't involve pulling calves.

What kind of farm events do remember because they coincided with other important dates?