Saturday, March 7, 2015

What is my Password?

I haven't been on here in so long, I had to log back in.  I am sorry for my lack of posts but I am still taking daily #felfies and doing farm chores.  With all the weather my college classes have been wacky and farm chores get more complex when freezing temperatures are a factor.  Here are some snaps from my time away!
Sweets and Me, she is my absolute bff
We came home from Dixie National to a heifer calf out of Agnus my angus show heifer from last year!!

I spend every Tuesday and Thursday with these guys at the stockyard.  The in thing is a toboggan over your hat!

Sweets and I on one of the rare warm days!

Luna got a little anxious

On my way to a 4H contest before the sun rose!

My meats team, I love these girls

And our Coach, Becky G!
Our Milking Parlour

The chickens enjoyed the snow!

And we did too.  We put our redneck ingenuity to use.   Dad cut holes in a feed trough, tied it to the Kubota and we went sledding in a cow pasture!