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Tennessee Cattlemen's Association

This weekend was the yearly cattlemen convention for Tennessee.  It was held in the Music Road Hotel Convention center and the turnout was great!  The event was fantastic!  There were meetings, speakers, youth events and a Trade Show!  Ohh, yeah and plenty of good food.   I went to the convention Friday and Saturday.  Friday, I specifically went for a Cattlewomen meeting.  We haven't really had much of a Cattlewomen Association over the past few years so this was a chance to get it started back.

 Saturday was when all the youth events were going to be held.  About a week ago, I got word we had enough people in my county to get together a BEEF quiz bowl team.  We don't really have an official team that practices a lot like other counties.  When a contest comes around we basically call around and drag people out of their fields or barns to come have fun!  Of course we would like to win, but we do it mostly for fun!  I received the questions from the ag teacher at the high school…

Adventures with Elli the Fearless

It started out like any other day. My mom telling me to take Elli outside so she could get rid of her energy.  She has to be supervised because she is extremely adventurous and not scared of anything.  Like any other day, I had farm work to do. So... Elli ended up "playing" at the barn.  We began our Adventures with a
four-wheeler ride to check the cows.  It was cold!!  Elli was holding me from behind and the ground was rough.  She told me "Madi, if I fly off this four wheeler your phone and your knife go too!!" Basically all the things that are important to me! So, I slowed down.  During our routine check we had a surprise.  Dreamie, a show heifer from 2011, had a big surprise waiting for us!  She had a little (big for a first calf) 70 lb heifer waiting on us to tag! Dreamie was the very first animal that I bred artificially.  Success!!! I not only got her bred on the first try but I also got a heifer!  Elli got out a loved on the calf and Dreamie came RUNNING ba…

North American International Livestock Exposition- NAILE

Thursday November 14th, I started packing for our biggest cattle show.   My Pop and I left for the show the next morning at 8 am!  You see,  my procrastination is at its best when I need to pack!  We packed three trailers with equipment, feed, bedding, and tools on Tuesday.  They cattle left on Wednesday.  On Friday Pop and I left for Louisville, Kentucky where NAILE was held and where our cattle were.  It was a long drive, so during the trip I slept and occasionally did homework!   When we arrived, the work was waiting on me and I had to get busy!  This year we brought eight head (seven heifers and a bull)and they needed to be rinsed so we headed to the wash rack.  This year was the largest NAILE yet so the wash rack was full of cattle.  After returning from the wash rack we got the cattle dry and on a fed them. Then we had to go fix the beds in the barn.  The cattle are more or less on display while in the barn, so everything needs to look neat and put together.  It is like a conte…