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The First Hurdle: Regional Livestock Judging

I am in Denver right now for the National Beef Ambassador Contest 2015 but before I could board my five pm flight I had a full day of livestock judging and reasons.  I had told my 4-H agent I was leaving at four o'clock for the airport even if I wasn't finished judging.  The contest started at one, and the optimistic gal I am, thought it wouldn't be any trouble...  We finished judging classes at around three and then started reasons twenty minutes after that.  I had my phone on me, to keep time, it was nearing 3:40.   My aunt, who was kindly taking me to the airport, texted me to say she was waiting and I needed to busta move to get to the airport.  I did two sets of reasons (cattle and hogs)  in under fifteen minutes.  Once we left the contest, and raced to the the airport I was freaking just a bit!!  It was 4:30 when I my bag checked.  Security was awful.  There line seemed like it went on and on for miles. I asked some people near the front with tears streaming down m…