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The Next Level

The next level, the next level could be going to middle school for a elementary school kid or from high school to college or for me from the state show to a national show.  Tackling these things have prepared me for today, the big leagues.  Collegiate Livestock Judging is the next and coveted level for livestock kids and I am getting the chance to take part in it.  This year I am on the 2018 University of Tennessee Livestock Judging Team and will travel across the country doing what I love...judging!  I will use this unique opportunity to meet so many people and develop myself into a better lawyer!  The skills I will gain judging livestock will make me a more effective communicator, more poised in difficult/stressful situations, more comfortable with making decisions, and many other skills I am so excited to gain!
      As I write, I am in a hotel somewhere about 10 hours away from home in bed with my new best friend and teammate!  We are Denver bound to the North Western Stock Show a…