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Concrete Sidewalks

I always knew growing up on the farm that I never wanted to leave.  My sisters and I had the whole thing planned out, who would take what houses and how we would run our operation together.  But, now I am not there and they are running it without me.  I used to get up every morning and walk down my driveway to the stares of my show heifers and curious calves in the weaning barn.  My family operated as a unit, whether we were rounding up cattle or loading for a show.  We all had our own jobs.  Now I am gone!  Every weekend I get to go home and walk down the driveway to the barn but I don't have my jobs anymore, someone else had to step up.  I hate waking up and putting on clean shoes, and jeans that are loosing their stains.  I strongly dislike living with a...girl from New York who has no clue about Ag (and I live on an Ag floor) or doesn't understand why I wake up so early.  Farming in ingrained in my life.  I may walk to an elevator and walk on concrete to transfer to a…