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Day Two: American National Cattlewomen Region II meeting

Day two consisted of fun and regional elections, but mostly fun!  We began our day high up in the hills with a delicious breakfast and some speakers! Social Media is a wonderful tool that the BEEF community is using to tell  the 80 million millennials about beef.   Many of America's farmers and ranchers are aging and they don't quite understand the whole Facebook, Twitter, Instagram thing,  so Katelyn Brockus came to the ladies rescue! She was a fabulous speaker and had everyone excited about social media.  Up next was Crystal Matthews on cross-generational leadership! She was fun! She had activities that were split up by generation.  We had FIVE generations present....the builders, baby boomers, gen Y, gen X, and the iGeneration.   Each group figured out what they wanted the other generations to know about them.  After we had a good list, we got into diversified groups and came up with BEEF promotional ideas! I loved the group I was in because the ladies were very interested…