Friday, May 2, 2014

Day Two: American National Cattlewomen Region II meeting

Day two consisted of fun and regional elections, but mostly fun!  We began our day high up in the hills with a delicious breakfast and some speakers! Social Media is a wonderful tool that the BEEF community is using to tell  the 80 million millennials about beef.   Many of America's farmers and ranchers are aging and they don't quite understand the whole Facebook, Twitter, Instagram thing,  so Katelyn Brockus came to the ladies rescue! She was a fabulous speaker and had everyone excited about social media.  Up next was Crystal Matthews on cross-generational leadership! She was fun! She had activities that were split up by generation.  We had FIVE generations present....the builders, baby boomers, gen Y, gen X, and the iGeneration.   Each group figured out what they wanted the other generations to know about them.  After we had a good list, we got into diversified groups and came up with BEEF promotional ideas! I loved the group I was in because the ladies were very interested in my generation and how we think.   Right after the speakers, we loaded the party bus and headed to Wolf Mountain Vineyards for lunch and a wine tasting.  Of course, I hounded everyone for pictures for my blog!  Sometimes I wonder if I seem nuts.  My mom always taught me to put the electronics away when in the company of others.  I totally agree we should all be present in the moment and not be glued to our phones.  On the other hand we need to document and promote our fabulous community so that the world will see it as it really is.  There are so many misconceptions about the Beef Community, so in the name of sharing the truth, I feel it is important to take take photos and tweet tidbits of information while at these events.  Anyway, back to the day.......   Once we had consumed all the food and drink we could handle (I only smelled the wine since I am under age!!),  we hiked down the hill and headed to downtown Dahlonega for "Bear On The Square". "Bear on the Square" is a yearly celebration of Southern Appalachian Culture.  Link to Bear on the Square page . Lena and I spent our time antique shopping and rounded out the day with some fudge and ice cream! After our fun time on the town, we headed back to the resort for a quick nap.  Have I ever mentioned I love naps?  Well now you know, I do! Later we had  regional elections, and dinner!! 
    This weekend, with my gals from TN and Cattlewomen from all over, was close to the best weekend I've ever had!  I cannot express my love for CattleWomen and what they are doing to promote our wholesome way of life. As I have gotten older, I have had to learn to balance my time and drop things from my schedule that don't feed my soul or that I have outgrown. The direction I want to take my life becomes clearer and clearer everyday.   My heart and soul is in the Beef Community.  The way of life, the beef, and the people make me happy!!!!    

Our morning HIKE!

ANCW's President-Elect, Melanie Fowle, is on her SoMe (social media) game!!

My Golden Girl from Alabama.  

Ahh, the view from the winery!

TN Cattlewomen! Beth, Lena, and Me

Wolf Mountain Vineyards was a blast even though I was too young to participate!

This dog at the winery reminded me of Duke on "Sweet Home Alabama" 

Melanie Fowle,  she is the most caring, sweetest, kindest woman I know!  She is a real woman and rancher.   

Jennifer Houston wrote my first letter of recommendation.  Her and her husband are long time supporters of the BEEF project.  

THE woman that got me started.  Marcia Calloway has done so much for the BEEF community and me.  I am forever grateful.  

Region 2 ladies discussing cross-generational marketing