Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cattle Industry Convention 2015 PICTURES

In the airport I had to get creative on where to put my hat!

My hat even got its own seat!

ANCW, NCBA Member, BQA certified, itweet, I love cows. 

more escalator room was needed for Cattlemen College attendees! #investedinthefuture 

Aww man, I love a man in a hat.

Patti Buck, immediate past president of ANCW

Every social media person needs an external charger port

Christy from AL

So many passionate women I sat on the floor! 

I wore a skirt and flats, at a cattle event.  

The Briscoe museum,  i walked past this masterpiece to and from the convention center and my hotel.

I love seeing all the trucks...and the hats oh and the mustaches!

Darren Williams, Dean of Students for the Master of Beef Advocacy program.  

Mal the Beef Gal y'all!

You're boots are too clean when you can sit them on your bed.

a charger cord in the back of my name badge.  I'm a bit of a nerd!

This man was slick.  I would have bought his product!!

Horse carriage rides around downtown San Antonio 

Michelle Boyles NC and I enjoying an ANCW speaker!

Learning Parliamentary procedure the cool way with ANCW women!

BEEF and Cheesecake. Winner Winner Beef Dinner

Erin Morrison.  I met her at the 2014 beef ambassador contest when she got on the team but she was a NCBA intern this time around.

Jan Lyons, one of two WOMEN NCBA presidents.  This lady is a role model for me.

Karoline Rose of MT

Greg and Kendal Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers

Maddy Ruble, I first met her when she was on the National Beef Ambassador team in 2011

Rachel Purdy, I competed with her in 2011 when she was a junior and now she is on the NBAP team! 

Will Pohlam who i was also a junior with in 2011 and is now on the team and Tammi Didlot past ANCW president

Chandler Mulvaney was on the 2014 NBAP team

The steak dinner I earned after dealing with rush hour in the ATL airport 

And of course I had to have dessert.

You know you're at a cattle event when there are boot boxes lying around

I did a very Texan thing and had Whataburger

Even sold some BEEF jewelry which goes to a new ANCW website to further promote BEEF education.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Social Steaks

Today has been a whirlwind of an adventure.  I am rooming with two amazing ladies, whom I look up to for leadership and advice, Royalee Rhoads from MN and Bea Jai from AL.  We got up at 6 am this morning and kicked off our first meeting at 8.   It is now 7 pm and we are just winding down and contemplating going to supper!!
   We have had a long day of meetings.  Literally, we talked about policy, steaks, social media and online advocacy.   This post is short because I am exhausted and I have to write three press releases for the ANCW.  Tomorrow is a full day of Master Beef Advocacy 2.0 with Daren Williams and fellow advocates!  Looking forward to a day with so much information i might become a note taker!

You can keep track of me on Twitter @FarmerMadisonTN  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

   I have been sitting in the Atlanta airport since 1 pm, it is now 8 pm.  I have had nothing to do all day so I have been browsing social media.  Guess what is ALL OVER social media.  The event I am trying to get to the cattle industry convention.  Every single one of my BEEF peeps are posting pictures and selfies with other beef peeps.  I can't but feel jealous that I am still stuck at the airport.  I will be actively tweeting under the twitter name Farmer Madison and trying to write a blog every night with my adventures and of course Instagram with  my own BEEF selfies.

BEEF Fixes Everything

As it sit here eating my Sonic onion rings, which are so very good.  I can't help but think how good a steak would be. Plus how much cheaper, yes cheaper, it would be.  I have been very busy with college applications, dual enrollment, all things cattle, and moms new dance studio.  With all these things going on we are rarely ever home at the same time.  All of our cars have a backseat with some sort of fast food or takeout and my whole truck is sorta littered.
  I was getting out of the shower a while back and felt how rough my legs were.  I thought it was from the winter and being dried out.  My sister makes this lotion which works miracles and i thought it would fix my bump on my legs, my rough elbows and the bumps on the backs of my arms.  It didn't.  At that same time I started fixing myself a New York strip or a rib eye steak every day for lunch and dinner.  I did this for a week but never really paid my bumps any attention until I felt my legs and they were as smooth as a babies bottom.  Guys BEEF IS THE ANSWER.   A couple times of eating god BEEF fats and my problems was virtually fixed.  Like, what even.  It was as simple as eating a freaking delicious,quick and easy steak!  All I would have with the BEEF was like a glass of water.  I say i was just to lazy to fix a side but in reality the steak filled me up.  Moral of story: BEEF is the Answer.