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Cattle Industry Convention 2015 PICTURES


Social Steaks

Today has been a whirlwind of an adventure.  I am rooming with two amazing ladies, whom I look up to for leadership and advice, Royalee Rhoads from MN and Bea Jai from AL.  We got up at 6 am this morning and kicked off our first meeting at 8.   It is now 7 pm and we are just winding down and contemplating going to supper!!
   We have had a long day of meetings.  Literally, we talked about policy, steaks, social media and online advocacy.   This post is short because I am exhausted and I have to write three press releases for the ANCW.  Tomorrow is a full day of Master Beef Advocacy 2.0 with Daren Williams and fellow advocates!  Looking forward to a day with so much information i might become a note taker!

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Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

I have been sitting in the Atlanta airport since 1 pm, it is now 8 pm.  I have had nothing to do all day so I have been browsing social media.  Guess what is ALL OVER social media.  The event I am trying to get to the cattle industry convention.  Every single one of my BEEF peeps are posting pictures and selfies with other beef peeps.  I can't but feel jealous that I am still stuck at the airport.  I will be actively tweeting under the twitter name Farmer Madison and trying to write a blog every night with my adventures and of course Instagram with  my own BEEF selfies.

BEEF Fixes Everything

As it sit here eating my Sonic onion rings, which are so very good.  I can't help but think how good a steak would be. Plus how much cheaper, yes cheaper, it would be.  I have been very busy with college applications, dual enrollment, all things cattle, and moms new dance studio.  With all these things going on we are rarely ever home at the same time.  All of our cars have a backseat with some sort of fast food or takeout and my whole truck is sorta littered.
  I was getting out of the shower a while back and felt how rough my legs were.  I thought it was from the winter and being dried out.  My sister makes this lotion which works miracles and i thought it would fix my bump on my legs, my rough elbows and the bumps on the backs of my arms.  It didn't.  At that same time I started fixing myself a New York strip or a rib eye steak every day for lunch and dinner.  I did this for a week but never really paid my bumps any attention until I felt my legs and they were as smooth as …