Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things Happen...

OK. So yesterday I got a call from my Grandad. We each have different "chores". He checks the cattle in the morning and I do it at night! I recieved the call around the time of his check the cattle chore.  The phone call was short and sweet. He said "Flash is in labor, go put a halter on her, I called the vet."  I ran out of the house!  My mom was yelling, "Madison, where are you going so fast?"  "I didn't have time to answer.   I got to the field and addressed the situation.  The calf was breach which means it was backwards and the feet weren't entering the birth canal like they should with a "normal" backwards birth.  I then waited for the vet, a long and painful wait! But, i made it better with Pandora Classical Music for the Soul !  I tried to comfort her with my not so angelic singing voice!  When the vet came over the hill you could tell she knew help was coming.  The vet did his thing.  First, he numbed her tail and rump. Then he pushed the calf back in her and pulled the back legs into the canal and fastened the pullers onto the calf's legs. He then pulled the RED BULL calf out, but it was dead.  The vet said it was probably dead long before because the placenta was already blue!  Let me tell you.. I love learning new things and vets have a lot to teach.  But, needless to say it was not a great day.    He said the placenta probably disattached long ago.  That caused it to turn blue and the calf to, unfortunately, suffocate.  Lame.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Summit

  I just came back from The Summit which is put on by the American Junior Simmental Association.  Monday-- I flew out to Tulsa, Oklahoma all by myself,  with a layover in St. Louis!  This was my first solo flying experience and it was quite enjoyable.  I see more of those in my future.   When i got there Hanah Wine and AJSA summer intern Courtney picked me up at the airport and fed me Brahum's! DELISH! After we picked up the rest of the kids that were arriving from around the country,  we headed back to Stillwater, OK (Okalahome State University) where the event was to be held!  When we were all there we went to a leadership workshop on campus. It was there that I  learned who my roomie was... She was Canadian! I was estatic! 
Tuesday--  We went to the OSU Feedlot and OSU Pure Breed farm! I really admire OSU for keeping a Pure Breed farm, it is something I can relate to coming from a pure breed farm.  After that, we  had industry sessions! They were awesome because they were all about meat, and we can all relate to that!   They gave us a tour of their meat facilites, kill floor, packaging room, and research room.  We then went to Griswold Cattle Company, had dinner, and then went on a tour of Reproduction Enteprises inc.  At the end of the day we played leadership games organized by the AJSA Trustees. We played bonding games like: pop the ballon by smashing against the person infront of you by making a human sandwhich.  We also played pass the marshmallow using only the toothpick in your mouth! Or course,  I got the tallest guy there to pass the marshmallow to!  Needless to say we bonded!
Wednesday-- Was the ropes course!!  It was off campus!  It was hot, humid, and we had to wear climbing harnesses the whole time, but I absolutley loved it! We did high ropes where we were 55ft off the ground and then ziplined off the top.  The whole time we had a partner.  My partner and I didn't know each others name.  We were both jokesters so we decided to call each other "HEY YOU" !  After the ropes course some took showers.  I was too tired so I had a good nap.  That evening we had a  private concert featuring Scott Shelby with dancing, funny pictures, and good food!  We danced the night away, ok maybe not the night but I did walk back in the dark!  It was a lot of fun.
Thursday-- The last day and most dreaded! Planned was a closing session put on by the "O" Club at OSU but I was one of the early flights so I had to leave at 7:45am! 
   I was almost home when i ran into two people from The Summit and they had left at like 2-3! I had been on the "clouds" all day and they still caught up with me!
  I had a wonderful time and this experience taught me so much.  It is amazing how learning happens in a fun interesting environment.  
 I cannot wait until the next summit!
Watch "The Summit 2011" on YouTube

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tennessee 4-H Round Up

Ok, I am done with my summer adventures!
  I can now show y'all  my summer adventures and many pictures! The trip in the middle of the month was Round Up. It was held at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  It is an excellent opportunity to share your 4-H project experiences with others.    In order to be able to attend you have to be accepted based on your project portfolio, which is basically a record book or your project. I got accepted in my project field: Beef.  We arrived on a Monday, interviewed with professors or industry leaders on Tuesday, Wednesday was the  College Tour, Thursday was a fun trip to Dollywood and Friday we returned  home! Short and sweet right?  Well, long enough for me to take lots of photos! The competition at round up is a lot of fun.  We are all judged on our interview and a small board showcasing our project.  But... That is not the reason I go!   Every single one of my competitors does a wonderful job and anyone of us could win each year.  So, I try not to stress over the competition.  My real love is networking with professors, industry leaders and friends.
Alexis from Polk Co. and myself going to our first 4-H party of the week

Emily and Hannah, both Loudon County girls

Project Day with all the BEEF kids looking sharp-  Goofing off!  What's New!

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The Beef Project  L-R  Me, Jacob and Emily

Left to Right:  Shannon, Jacob, Me and Tara

This picture of me and Emily is priceless with Will photo bombing perfectly

The Crew on our way home from the awards banquet. Emily won Senior Level II Beef!

Jared from Bledsoe County, I show cattle with him!

Cody from Loudon County, I also show with him.  He keeps us laughing

My roomie for the week!