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I Would Do It ANYday

Word to my readers: this post is a little late!

  It was Christmas Eve Eve and my boyfriend had just left my house.  He called about 10 minutes later telling me "he almost hit a cow."  By this time it was around 10 pm, so it was already dark.  He told me he was at Gene's place so the cow was more than likely black.  I told my parents what happened and texted a man who rents land from him....he was out of town. That left me to go offer my help to this 80-something year old man.  If his age gives you any insight in why I said offer it should be this, he thought women should be in the kitchen.  A long time ago I knocked on his door to see if I could help him around his farm and he looked back into his house and said something along the lines of "I don't see anything you could do."  I eventually got him talked into letting me weedeat his fence rows.  Back to my story....I called him and got no answer so I pulled on my boots over my pjs and left the house.  I dr…