I Would Do It ANYday

Word to my readers: this post is a little late!

  It was Christmas Eve Eve and my boyfriend had just left my house.  He called about 10 minutes later telling me "he almost hit a cow."  By this time it was around 10 pm, so it was already dark.  He told me he was at Gene's place so the cow was more than likely black.  I told my parents what happened and texted a man who rents land from him....he was out of town. That left me to go offer my help to this 80-something year old man.  If his age gives you any insight in why I said offer it should be this, he thought women should be in the kitchen.  A long time ago I knocked on his door to see if I could help him around his farm and he looked back into his house and said something along the lines of "I don't see anything you could do."  I eventually got him talked into letting me weedeat his fence rows.  Back to my story....I called him and got no answer so I pulled on my boots over my pjs and left the house.  I drove extremely slow with my flashers on, but have you ever tried looking for a black cow in the dark and I also forgot my big mag light.  I knocked on his door and like many other times he brushed me off.  God had another thing coming for this man because my neighbor, a man, happened to come in and ask him the same thing I just did but he didn't brush him off.  He invited him in while he put his boots on.  When they finally emerged from the house, he got in his brand new car and told us to follow.  We drove up and down the road, walked the 100 acre field and then he took his car up into it.  By around midnight, we had canvased the place as best as we could so we called it a night.  I stopped in after Christmas dinner and he said they were in the lot at daylight!
     During the search, Jerry, the neighbor who rented from Mr. Carson was texting me and he said something that made me write this and gave me a whole new meaning to everything I do.  "You just earned a crown in Heaven for helping him."  I would do it any day for any farmer, Christmas Eve or the night before a final that counts 60% of my final grade.  I love these old men, I love the American Farmer.  


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