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We're All Going to be Sore in the Morning

A 100lb calf was born recently.  When a calf is that big sometimes their legs can't hold them up right away, so we knew we needed to take him and his mother to the barn so we could make sure he stood  up and got the colostrum.  I figured out real quick that the cow was one of my Pop's (meaning ONLY Pop could handle her), so I went and sat on the other side of the fence and watched the pair until my dad got home.  As some of you may know, Pop is getting old.   He does the supervising now and dad and I do the work.   My dad is tough as nails and not many cows get the best of him, but this cow was the meanest of the mean. In fact, she was meaner than nails.  While I got the gates ready he went up and got the cow and calf driven to me.  When he got the cow into the lane and all heck broke loose. She turned on Dad and he tucked tail and ran simply because he didn't have anything to defend himself with.  We tried till the last second to make her go calmly but when a 1,700lb mom…