Friday, September 30, 2016

College is a Union card


"It's just a Union Card." 

My Role models, whom didn't finish college, and I'm proud to say that
   I was sitting waiting for my next class when a girl sat down beside me a couple seconds later a college tour came thru.  Boys in there best frat attire, girls in dresses in heels, moms and dads in their sunday best and then a me pops up, a kid who could care less.   I said to this girl how much I love this part of college.  How I want to tell them to run!!! As soon as these words left my mouth she retorted how college is almost required to be anything, to do anything.  I tried to keep calm, because I was raised to respect others opinions.  I said, neither of mine finished college and they are down right successful. And, then I had to hear about her mom being a pharmacist and her dad going back to school because he couldn't make it without a degree, so he became an accountant.  Now I love my accountant, love love love him, he filled out my FAFSA! But I am going to school as a back up plan, my real goals are being a mother, wife, and running a successful farm and selling show cattle.  These are my goals and I will be rich.   I don't need a degree, and neither did my parents.  Both my parents own their own businesses.  My dad works all over the southeast and my mom is known all over the southeast.  I was at a loss for words when she said success required a degree, because lately I have been wanting to leave school and take over the farm (because my grandfather, the 3rd gen, passed away recently.) 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fat is Flat

Another FDST 269 blog!  I love this class.  
  We were talking about carcasses and live cattle.  My professor, Dr. Loveday, said "Fat is Flat and Muscle is Round."  This got me to thinking about my entire life from body issues within my friend group to picking out show heifers!  It really got me to thinking about when I was talking to the Meier family.  Lydell said he liked a round muscle and Holly liked a flatter muscle.   My mother, because every good thought is from your mothers mouth, said how runners have long stretchy muscles and sprinters have short quick response muscles.  All of this brought me back to what Loveday said to begin with.  The consumer perception of what a good cut is, is so perceived as a bland cut with no fat!  Fat is good, specks of fat in the meat (marbling is good.)  The fat and marbling helps make your steak juicy and flavorful.  Loveday said fat is flat and muscle is round, so how I interrupt this is we need both.  Body issues and good beef relate in so many positive ways, I will address the nutritional qualities another day.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's the PURGE

      I have one class this semester that made me declare a minor but also made me second guess all my career decisions...Food Science Technology 269, meat science evaluation.  I went into this class having 4H meat judging experience but was going straight into a 200 level course.  Normally you start with a 100 and then work your way up, not me!  I knew the professor from my 4H days and have learned meats under him but having him as a professor and just sitting through an optional instructional to pass the time before a contest were two different things.  But its AG, we are all family.  So here I am 6 weeks later, I have declared a minor in food science technology and am in love with meat and the meat industry.  So back to what the article title is about..the red stuff in meat is NOT BLOOD, IT IS PURGE.  It is a combination of water and meat proteins.  Meat is 75% water and one of the proteins in the PURGE is a water-soluble myoglobin hence the red water!  The stuff on the bottom of your plate (if you eat it medium rare) or the package is just broken apart beef proteins.  

 My favorite part of being on the Ag campus is learning new things I can share with y'all, much more to come.