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Your Questions Answered!

I asked my FaceBook friends to ask me some questions about BEEF to help me prepare for the National Beef Ambassador Contest! 
    I copy and pasted them below:        

Q1: Is it still safe to eat "steak tartare" ? I think it is, as long as you cut it or grind it yourself from a solid cut of beef under sanitary conditions. Do you agree? 
Q2: Do you think that the growth hormones used in beef is the reason so many young adults are now taller than their ancestors and so many girls now have such big feet?
Q3: Does the general public need to worry about receiving horse meat labeled as ground beef? Has that ever happened?
Q4: Is "pink slime" still added to ground beef? If so, what food chains continue to sell it?

Q5: OK, Madison, you asked: What is your take on the new Chipotle "Scarecrow" ad? What is the good and bad, and how do you think it will affect consumers? Is this another attempt at emotion-driven change after the failure of the first Chipotle Super-B…

Do I Have To Get Up???

A week or so ago , I was headed to the Cumberland County Fair and I felt horrible. I was sick!  I was feeding that morning clutching to my roll of toilet paper when I thought; what would my livestock do if I had laid in bed?
This thought inspired this!  I don't know what they would do.  I can tell you they would be depressed. They would bawl until someone came and filled up their water and put their feed out! My Show Livestock are very dependent on me!  I may dread getting up year round at the crack of dawn but in the end I know that they need me and I need them! I ponder the thought all the time about what if my parents hadn't met and I grew up in the suburbs!  WOW! what an unimaginable life! I'm glad I was fortunate to grow up on the family farm even on days like these, when all I want to do is lay in bed!   But, I like being needed.  I like being a part of something bigger than me! And that is why I got out of bed that snotty congested morning! 
Have a great day ya&#…

What Do I Say

How many of you have ever been caught in a predicament? With what to say or what to not say or where can you go from here! I have been attending the wonderful National Beef Ambassador Contest the past two years.  I love it!!! My state, Tennessee, did not have a formal program.  I was introduced to it by a kind Cattlewoman from Georgia who told me I would be great at it and should compete as a write in entrant. The first year I competed in Wooster, Ohio.  We drove all night after my local Livestock Judging contest to get there.  The next year my family made a fun cross country trip to California  to compete.  I have made so many friends and learned so much during those competitions.  I cherish each connection I made.  My home made Beef Ambassador Handbook goes with me every where!   This year our state decided to implement the contest.   I competed to be the Tennessee Beef Ambassador and I lost!  I was told in both the media interview and consumer demonstration that they loved my passi…

Labor Day

Does not having to go to work on a Monday make a Monday better?  We celebrated Labor Day this past Monday and most people were out on the water eating and relaxing! Labor Day was put into place to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers! I think that is really neat, because we all know how tough it is everyday to get up and go out and make a living.
   On the farm most Labor days are spent working.  The work never stops.  My dad and I were up working at the shop in the early morning fixing tractors and painting some equipment for an upcoming show.  Then we hauled hay.  Farmers are always having to look to the future and keep ahead in their work.  My point is that I celebrate Labor Day every day.  I love work!  When you do what you love the work is fun.  There is a lot of satisfaction in work done outside, for yourself and family, and work that leaves you tired.   Exhaustion and I are good friends, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
   We did do a litt…