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Artificial Pigs

I'm back, I probably shouldn't be (I'm in class) but we are talking about swine today.  I know cattle like the back of my hand but swine on the other hand are a whole different ball game.  I learned something very interesting, how to breed a sow (female pig).  I am the primary breeder on our farm.  A cow's cervix can vary in size or where it is in the cow, it is long and usually straight, sometimes they will fall off the pelvic bone which happens a lot in mature cows.  However a pig has a corkscrew cervix, a neat fit for both the male/artificial gun and the female.  From only breeding, my mouth hit the floor because breeding a cow can be difficult but breeding a sow is easy, more so than breeding a cow.  There's my interesting fact of the day!  I want to breed pigs now.