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Wordless Wednesday: Wildlife on the Farm


Extra Friendly

Like every Tuesday I get my chores done and go to work.  This last Tuesday I had time to go get a coffee too and I knew it was going to be a good day!  I went around the side, straight into the back, and on my right were two weathers (casterated male lambs).  I was immediately drawn to them for one of two reason, we never have sheep come through and they were darn good lambs.  Once I rounded the corner I was told to get them in line to go into the sale ring.  Okay, I got them lined up and sat down in the pen with them, with my coffee in hand.   Now, when I opened the gate they came trotting out but when I sat down they came straight over to me, trying to get my coffee.  As I'm sitting there Dean, my boss, comes through the gate and laughs asking me if i am taking pictures, I laugh and tell him of course! I have judged lambs and even showed one but these cuties were sweet as could be!  I kept trying to put the pieces together.  They were tame, gentle, wanted coffee, came when the…