Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Extra Friendly

  Like every Tuesday I get my chores done and go to work.  This last Tuesday I had time to go get a coffee too and I knew it was going to be a good day!  I went around the side, straight into the back, and on my right were two weathers (casterated male lambs).  I was immediately drawn to them for one of two reason, we never have sheep come through and they were darn good lambs.  Once I rounded the corner I was told to get them in line to go into the sale ring.  Okay, I got them lined up and sat down in the pen with them, with my coffee in hand.   Now, when I opened the gate they came trotting out but when I sat down they came straight over to me, trying to get my coffee.  As I'm sitting there Dean, my boss, comes through the gate and laughs asking me if i am taking pictures, I laugh and tell him of course! I have judged lambs and even showed one but these cuties were sweet as could be!  I kept trying to put the pieces together.  They were tame, gentle, wanted coffee, came when the gate opened, had TN ear tags (for our state 4H Expo), and overall were show quality lambs.
   Time to go in the ring, Dean,

comes out and mubles something and tells me to bring them in and low and behold my friend and her sister come up the alley!  These lambs were in fact show lambs!  They had competed at the State Sheep Expo and being a weathers were being sold for meat!  The prices fell into place, haha!