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Rock or Horse Turd?

I'm getting a new show barn!  There are 8 pens but we are only going to use 4....for now!

Today We Got Stuff Done

Savvy had a calf last night!  Pop called me this morning to tell me I had a calf to tag, at the time I didn't know it was my beloved Savvy! Savvy is a past show heifer.  I love watching a heifer be shown and then lay down and have a calf! I am definitely a proud grandmother!!

I Hate to Watch Her Go

Yesterday we took calves to the sale barn. We also took my first show heifer, Madeline.  Watching Madeline come onto the scales was emotional.  I had to get through my thick skull she was old and wasn't in the best condition, she would either die on our farm (and I would have to bury her) or let her delicious meat be eaten.  I might have chosen to let her die her on the family farm but when she weighed 1022lbs and brought $1.06/pound I reconsidered things!  With that money we can go buy new young cows or I can get a new show heifer, both of which I will have to send to the sale barn one day.