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Farm Emergencies/Sorority Life

I want to say before that I know what I signed up for when I accepted my bid.  I realize there are rules and regulations.  But I don't think they were designed for a farm girl, who actually has a farm. 
   One of our neighbors has a dairy and does it all by himself.  Now I have a lot of respect for this man and want to help him in any way I can because I know it is hard running a beef farm let alone a dairy with ONE person.  He is night and day milker, feed mixer, stall cleaner, mechanic, and breeder. Well,  his sugar dropped through the floor over the weekend and he was admitted to the ICU.  He is very picky on who helps him around the farm so there were few people who could run things while he was away.  I was one of those people and like I said I would do anything for him so I worked my schedule so I could milk day and night.  Now a normal week for me includes sorority life, school, and work.  I could swing my class and work schedule but my sorority was a whole 'nother big…

Leaving a Leggacy-- Mean Gene

I realize I haven't blogged in a long time but things have been busy around our parts.  My grandfather, "Mean Gene", passed away August 13.  We buried him on a Sunday, Ashton left for PA that night and I went back to UT Wednesday. And, not only that but we sold the last calves he helped feed the Tuesday following.  It has been a hard, of a different kind, being so far away.  When I go out to the pasture I am always reminded of Pop and all he did.  Although it was hard to go to the field and get back into the show barn, I have to realize how proud he would be of me.  So, now both my sister and I are away out school.  We left our dad, grandmother, mom, and youngest sister to hold down the farm. 
(And the Leggacy is a cow on our farms' name and its just spelt differently)