Leaving a Leggacy-- Mean Gene

Mean Gene
    I realize I haven't blogged in a long time but things have been busy around our parts.  My grandfather, "Mean Gene", passed away August 13.  We buried him on a Sunday, Ashton left for PA that night and I went back to UT Wednesday. And, not only that but we sold the last calves he helped feed the Tuesday following.  It has been a hard, of a different kind, being so far away.  When I go out to the pasture I am always reminded of Pop and all he did.  Although it was hard to go to the field and get back into the show barn, I have to realize how proud he would be of me.  So, now both my sister and I are away out school.  We left our dad, grandmother, mom, and youngest sister to hold down the farm. 
(And the Leggacy is a cow on our farms' name and its just spelt differently)


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