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Bulls & Babies



Thursday, October 17th,  I hitched a ride with Jennifer Houston of East Tennessee Livestock Center  and we traveled to a social media workshop being held by the Tennessee Beef Industry Council (TBIC).  The TBIC had a fun day planned out with three speakers.  Lauren Chase, Ryan Goodman, both of Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA),  and Pamela Bartholomew from Pick TN Products,  were there to teach us about using social media to advocate for our cattle and/or our farms.   Everyone was excited to get started learning about Twitter, Facebook, Webpages, Pinterest and other social media apps.  We started the day by gaining a general understanding about why we should use social media and how it can impact our farm, and the typical consumers perspective of agriculture in general.   Then one thing that I took away from this portion of the day is that I am always doing something on my farm and it is probably of interest to those who are not familiar with how farms work.   I should be tellin…

New Grass!!


2014 National Beef Ambassador Program: It started with a shiny belt buckle

One sunny day at a cattle auction in Georgia a woman approached a girl in a shiny buckle...the woman, Mrs. Callaway, asked the girl about her buckle.  I don't know how but Mrs. Callaway felt or heard the girls passion through her words describing her life on the farm.  What Mrs. Callaway had up her sleeve next changed that girl's life, forever.  OK maybe a tad much exaggeration.  That girl was me and I was at that sale looking for replacement cows with my Pop.  Mrs. Callaway thought I was worthy to know about this program called the National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP) and she also told me that Tennessee didn't have a program.  Duhh Duhh Duhh. I went home without any new cows but with information that could change the course of my life.
  A side story, before I had heard about NBAP I wanted to work in the CIA. Now I wanted to be a Bovine geneticist/nutritionist/ some reproduction and an embryologist.  That's a lot right!! Back to the story.....
  Well, I pursued th…

Akransas: The Natural State

My Mom and I have always been the crazy Tennesseans who drive EVERYWHERE!  This past weekend we attended the 2014 National Beef Ambassador contest.  I have another post about the contest coming up soon!  We were told to take Highway 412 home from Bentonville, AR.  Ryan Goodman, AG Proud blogger, told us that on this drive we would see the Ozark Mountains and the Delta.    My eyes grew large at what he said next.  He told us we would see cotton ready to harvest, rice, and peanuts!  Not the normal Tennessee Crops.  Mom and I headed out, excited to veer away from the interstate and enjoy the 14 hour drive all the way back to TN.  We took a detour into Eureka Spring, AR on the advice of Geneice McCall, my favorite cattlewoman from Arkansas.  We really enjoyed this historic town and took lots of pictures as we walked around.   I should have brought my hiking stick because that little town is hilly! I love old buildings and places with character and this place had both. People where ev…

National Farm Safey Week

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health states that,  "Over one million people are employed in agricultural."  The also relay that, "On average 113 teens under the age of 20 die annually from farm related accidents."  That is way to young to die. That is one of the reasons Congress implemented Farm Safety Week, which was last week.  On our farm we take safety very serious, well minus my dad and granddad!  They are risk takers and sometimes like recently it bit them in the rear! On a Hay Tedder ( a machine that spread the hay out so it can dry)  there is a string that raises and lower the sides.  My Granddad (Pop), got this genius idea of pulling the string attached to the tedder into the cab tractor and closing the window on the string to hold it so he wouldn't have to get in and out of the tractor to raise and lower it.  He then proceeded to drive on a rough spot on our farm, and BAM!  the string was yanked out of the window and the …