Thursday, October 17th,  I hitched a ride with Jennifer Houston of East Tennessee Livestock Center  and we traveled to a social media workshop being held by the Tennessee Beef Industry Council (TBIC).  The TBIC had a fun day planned out with three speakers.  Lauren Chase, Ryan Goodman, both of Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA),  and Pamela Bartholomew from Pick TN Products,  were there to teach us about using social media to advocate for our cattle and/or our farms.   Everyone was excited to get started learning about Twitter, Facebook, Webpages, Pinterest and other social media apps.  We started the day by gaining a general understanding about why we should use social media and how it can impact our farm, and the typical consumers perspective of agriculture in general.   Then one thing that I took away from this portion of the day is that I am always doing something on my farm and it is probably of interest to those who are not familiar with how farms work.   I should be telling them about it..  I can do this through social media with words, pictures and video.  After lunch, we went to groups based on our level!  I sat in the front row, first seat..... This of course is typical homeschooler behavior .  I sat down next to the cutest older couple who own and operate Arrowhead Ranch.  Like many, they weren't raised with technology and truthfully they weren't too thrilled about having to get along with it either!   They now have a Facebook page, a website and a Twitter Account!   During the workshop, we used the hashtag Social Beef on Instagram and Twitter all day long so they were very practiced by the end of the day.  They looked so cute taking this huge step for their angus farm through social media!  We all chipped into help those that were new to the platforms and a fun time was had by all!   Sometimes technology seems frustrating and out of reach for those that weren't raised with it.  I understand that, and applaud those who reach out and grasp onto new concepts. If you are not moving forward in your business you are moving backwards.
 Once we got twitters made and all the other social media things people wanted, we closed the day out with a drawing for "Big Sky Boots: Working Seasons of a Montana Cowboy" which Lauren Chase made with the help of Montana farmers and ranchers.  I didn't get the book, but I came away with something greater.  The higher knowledge of #SocialBeef and friendships with TN farmers.

One of my favorite TN Girls (via Kentucky) Janna Sullivan
with the TN Beef Industry Council
Working hard!
Julie Walker!!!!
Lauren Chase, Me, and Ryan Goodman. Hashtag I love Lean BEEF!!


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