My Muddy Jeans

   I saw Nordstrom's new jeans advertisment this morning when I woke up for my animal science class.  Later, as I walked into my class, I couldn't help but notice that many of my peers were wearing muddy jeans.  They got up early to feed animals and take care of the farm before rushing to school. These jeans and these people are a familar sight to me and only after I saw that someone would pay over $400 for a fake pair of muddy jeans, did I start to think about all the worn out, stained with mud jeans in my own closet.  I realized that the clothes we wear tell stories about our lives.  The muddy jeans that farmers and ranchers wear are a testament to the hardworking nature of the life. If you have that much money burning a hole in your pocket I have the direct link, attached to the trendiest jeans on the market, at the bottom of this post.

A few stories behind my muddy jeans:

These muddy jeans took a dip in our pond when a calf fell in and I was the one willing to go for a swim! I see these jeans in my closet and remember the calf who I saved, who I worked day and night get healthy again.  These jeans have seen their fair share of life and death.  They are stained with manure, blood, mud, and still smell like that farm pond on the back forty of my family farm.  
These pants say so much!! This was my graduation.  As you can see my dad showed up with mere minutes to spare to give me my diploma.  His jeans speak about a father who works endless hours to provide for his family.  He gives his all every waking hour of the day to give his girls what they need and want!  At first, I was mad at him for showing up wearing those clothes, but I wouldn't trade my dad for anything.  He is the hardest working father and farmer a girl could ask for.  You may see this and see me being embarrassed but my family in working clothes even at special events is nothing new!
This is another degree of muddy jeans. These jeans got dirty from helping an enthusiastic showman get her heifer ready for the regional cattle show.  These jeans represent a family making memories in the show ring.  
You can't purchase any of these jeans for $425.  They are priceless. If you want your own personal, priceless, irreplaceable jeans come to my family farm and make your own with memories that will last a lifetime.  But if you are just interested in the hottest trend click here!


  1. Very well put young lady. Also, your use of the word "fad" is correct. Its a "fad" that will blow over to the next new, popular thing. However, we'll still have those hard working farmers; Dad's and Mom's with the evidence of their hard work on their cloths, raising the next generation of hard workers.


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