Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shop Small, Keep It Local

I just got back from my trip to Montana for the 2015 American Junior Simmental Association Leadership Summit.   I was so fortunate to have been given sponsorship money to attend the conference in Bozeman!   The businesses that sponsored my trip believe in young people and believe in the cattle industry.  Being raised in a family with many business owners,  I realize the amount of money that goes out the door to sponsorships each year and I am very thankful for their contributions and their belief in me and what I am doing. Go buy something from these businesses and tell them Farmer Madison sent you!     Athens Stockyard, R & R Tractor, and Dooley Tractor.   The outpouring of love from these business owners was overwhelming.  I am truly grateful to be involved in the Agriculture community.
Montana is big so I took that time write thank-you notes

The TN attendees in the old American Simmental Association headquarters

We visited Billings Livestock Commission.  I love going to other stockyards to see how they manage the cattle and how they are setup.  

Down one of the mile-long alleys, out west they do everything on horse back.

A Bull's View

We had to wear protective boot coverings to keep the area sanitary. 

Canada with Tennessee.  

#MontanaMoment with the most beautiful mountains 

From the front porch looking out!  I am jealous of the family that lives here.  

A Powerhouse

I am going through sorority recruitment this week and I have been walking around campus in heels, hose, and a dress!  I love dressing up.  I love working on the farm in my jeans, but as you've noticed on my blog I am all about traveling, staying in great hotels and attending events.  I plan on being an Ag Lawyer so that I can dress up often and still enjoy a great lifestyle along with being on the farm.   I know clothes don't make the person, but when I get dressed up in a blazer and slacks or I wear clothes like I am wearing this week, I feel AWESOME.  I feel like a POWERHOUSE.  Whenever I say that word I think about BEEF being a nutritional powerhouse!  This is why I advocate for the beef industry, because we have a fantastic product.  I am looking ahead at my future and it looks fantastic from where I stand.    I can't wait to enjoy this entire college experience.  I can't wait to see what my future holds!