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2014 TN Beef Agribition

This week, my spring break, I am going to do some serious catching up!  My mind is consumed with blog ideas but my schedule is packed.  So get ready to read!!   Agribition was the second weekend in March.  It was exactly three weeks after the Dixie National. Pop and I made the three hour drive to Lebanon with four heifers in tote. Our friend Caleb was coming from Clarksville with two other heifers.  We had six heifers between three people.  Friday and Saturday we stayed in the Junior Barn.  The first two days were "hair days" because all we had to do was wash, dry, and work the hair. While the heifers were eating Saturday morning I went to the TN Cattlewomens' meeting where we did housekeeping and elected officers!  When I got back to the barn Caleb's heifers were tied up but neither Caleb nor David were to be found.  I did "hair day" mostly by myself!  I found out later Caleb and David were looking for a new heifer for me, so they are excused. Once the He…

2014 Dixie National

The day after the National Cattlemen's convention was over Mom and I headed for the Dixie National in Mississippi.   I am little late with this post because between the time of the Dixie National and now I have gotten a job at the stock barn in Athens and been working really hard in my Dual enrollment classes at Maryville College. Anway, the show took place during the second weekend of February. My cattle and the Green's Limousin cattle were hauled down to Jackson, Mississippi for the show by my fitter and I came down with mom from Nashville. I made mom drive extra fast because I was having separation anxiety from my heifers.
Once we got there all the work was done. Bummer!  I wasn't too worried because I knew more work was to be expected on Sunday (show day).  Saturday was the Simmental sale, and we happened to be stalled right next to the isle where they displayed the sale cattle before the sale.  That worked out in our favor because we had all sorts of traffic and in…