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The Last Day of Cattlemen's Convention 2014

A recap of the last day of the Cattlemen's convention. Thursday was our last full day at the convention.  I had to be up early, which was no problem for me, to attend the Best of Beef Breakfast.   I ran into Scott George, the NCBA President in the elevator.  I had previously met him at the Beef Ambassador Contest in Arkansas.  When we parted ways in the ballroom he went to the front of the room and I went to find a chair where ever I could.  The Breakfast opened with our hometown Vet, Dr. Hugh McCampbell playing the piano.  It was so great to see him perform!  Many awards were given out during the breakfast.   The University of Tennessee's own Clyde Lane was honored as the Beef Educator of the Year for all the work he does with the BQA classes.
    After the breakfast, I went to get mom and we headed to the tradeshow! We decided to work our way through the show in a different direction so we could hit the booths we had missed before.  On our way through the tradeshow we ran…

SIX Acreas of Free Stuff, Good People, and Food

Wednesday,  I woke up again before the sun.  I didn't have anything on the agenda until ten. Mom and I went and ate a great breakfast in the hotel and ran into the Peterson Brothers, the farming internet sensations!

Then,  I headed to the convention to go help out in  the Tennessee Beef Council and Cattlemen's booth where they had a Ole Time photo booth set up. The trade show didn't open until ten so when we got there we did our favorite thing... People watch!!!   Everyone was standing at the doors waiting to get in!  It was a pretty cool sight.  There were cowboy hats, wranglers and shiny boots everywhere.  People were on phones or talking with friends from across the U.S.  As the doors were opening, I ran into a long lost friend from NC, I met her at the NBAP contest in Wooster, Ohio.  We talked about schools and she told me she was very happy with her decision to attend Oklahoma State!  We didn't have long to talk because I had to run off to my booth and she had to …

Tuesday's Convention Adventures

I am supposed to be on vacation from my farm, right?  My brain doesn't think so, it won't let me sleep in! Yesterday that was a good thing!  Tuesday was Cattlemen's College and I had a fun filled day of learning ahead of me...on no sleep.   
The opening session was due to start at seven, but in this huge hotel I had to leave the room at six-thirty.  I got to the session in enough time to score a front section seat where I could see the speaker, Bob Langhert- VP for McDonalds Sustainability.    He gave a talk that was interesting.  Some points I took away were that BEEF producers and McDonalds have common ground. We are both criticized by the public and we both have a strong commitment to BEEF.  After the talk, the audience was allowed to send in questions via text or note card.
Two that struck me were:
Q- Do you think consumers will pay more for a sustainable labeled product?
Basically Mr. Langhert's answer was that Yes, some might do that a little now but that he thi…

Monday's Cattle Industry Convention Adventures

Wow!  What a great day, so far!  I am at the 2014 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade show in Nashville!  I am having a great time and am looking forward to keeping you updated on what is happening through my Twitter @farmermadisontn, my facebook- Madisons Farm Adventures, and my blog.  I had been looking forward to coming to the  National Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville for weeks.  I began my journey yesterday (Monday) morning in anticipation of attending the "Moms, Millenials and More" Training Worshop put on by the American National Cattlewomen. As some of you know, I just got my driver's license on Thursday of last week and my mom had the wonderful idea to let me drive to Nashville.   I am almost 17, but have put off getting my license because I knew I was saving money by having Mom and Dad still drive me around.  Since I am taking classes at Maryville College the time had come to break down and get my license.  Well......  It took me a little longer th…