Monday's Cattle Industry Convention Adventures

Wow!  What a great day, so far!  I am at the 2014 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade show in Nashville!  I am having a great time and am looking forward to keeping you updated on what is happening through my Twitter @farmermadisontn, my facebook- Madisons Farm Adventures, and my blog.  I had been looking forward to coming to the  National Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville for weeks.  I began my journey yesterday (Monday) morning in anticipation of attending the "Moms, Millenials and More" Training Worshop put on by the American National Cattlewomen. As some of you know, I just got my driver's license on Thursday of last week and my mom had the wonderful idea to let me drive to Nashville.   I am almost 17, but have put off getting my license because I knew I was saving money by having Mom and Dad still drive me around.  Since I am taking classes at Maryville College the time had come to break down and get my license.  Well......  It took me a little longer than the normal travel time of two and a half hours to get to Nashville.   My mom made me drive the speed limit the whole way,  so we were late and I missed the training. That was a big bummer. The next thing on my schedule was a focus session about youth development where the lovely Sarah Bohnenkamp, Executive Director of the ANCW, asked me to say a few words about the National Beef Ambassador Program.  During the meeting we heard from a well known YouTuber who does farming parodies, Derek Klingenberg. (Check him out, he has a new video coming out soon that looks promising.) 

Following his entertaining and laughter filled presentation, I headed to somewhere else in this huge hotel for the National Beef Ambassador committee meeting.  I have been competing in the National Beef Ambassador Program for the last three years so it was really interesting to know what actually goes on behind the scenes. I finished the night out with a reception for Cattlemen's College attendees sponsored by Zoetis.    All in all I love my cattlewomen and they continually amaze me with their strengths and multiple roles.

The fun about a #BEEFMeet is making new friends! Erin from the NBAP contest and former team member with my new friend Laurel from K-State!


I finished the night off with a pumpkin and mousse dessert from a café in the hotel


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