Monday, June 30, 2014

Pride Go Before The Fall

 We have always taken pride, as many farmers and ranchers do, that our cows can have and raise a calf unassisted!  Unfortunately, pride go before the fall!  We had the CUTEST calf born a week ago out of an veteran cow.  I don't know if a calf is born knowing how to nurse or a cow just nudges until they do, but this calf wasn't taking the bait!
 I got a phone a couple days ago from Pop telling me to come give it a bottle.  I was hoping that the calf would nurse on it's own, but it didn't and Maggie Mae's bag  (the cow) was getting full and tight from not feeding her new calf.  We intervened and brought the cow (from the other side of the farm) and calf (on the Kubota) to the barn the next day so they could be together and I could work with getting a teat in its mouth! Now, that is manual labor!
Bae rode in the Kubota floor while looking for her momma, Maggie Mae
But, first lemme take a #Felfie
Bae got her first bottle after being slung over my shoulder and taken to the farmhouse porch, it was really very southern!

Looking for Momma, the first time!

I hope everyone has a great week!  I am busy getting ready for a cattle show in a week or so, so I have been staying busy washing my show heifers everyday!  What kind of farm adventures have you been getting into?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sorting, Sweating, and Some Sunbathing

Summer brings  a lot of hard work on the farm.  Everything has to happen when it is supposed to or it messes up the next season.  Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall we are always getting ready for winter. Some of the things we do to get ready for winter are making hay and canning hundreds or jars of vegetables.  It is a stressful time on the cows because of the flies , constant heat, and new babies.  Everyone is trying to get everything done before the cold sets in again!  We've already sold our fall born calves, rolled 115 rolls and are getting ready to turn the bull back to pasture with the cows!  We have had 3 heifers and 5 bulls born so far and are awaiting more!  I will post on the Madison's Farm Adventures Facebook more during the summer months because I can post from fields but will try to blog our stories from the farm!! I know there are some great ones coming!  It's never a dull moment here, which brings me to another hard thing about summer.  Everything stinks!!!!  Because the temperature is hot and sweat pours all day long, we all go through clothes at a rapid rate.  I hate doing laundry!  We don't have a dryer so we hang all our laundry out on the line.  That is nice most days, but if there are consecutive days of rain it can become a problem.  My dirty clothes pile up quickly.  My sister, Ashton, pointed out that I regularly have a dirt line on my legs where my socks meet my skin.  My feet are trapped in hot shoes all day and sometimes when I can't do my laundry I have to wear the same jeans for a few days.  I stay dirty a lot of the time.  I usually have some combination of dust, sweat and various cow smells on me.  My truck smells like cows too!  Some people think about summer in terms of beach vacations, bathing suit tans, and pina coladas.  I think of summer in terms of sweat, farmers tans, new baby calves, the sound of machinery, and the pop of the lids after canning has finished, and a cold drink from the water hose.  I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!