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Tragedy Struck

In a small town, people talk.
      I was laying in bed when I received a text with the worst news any farmer can get....a barn burned.  A little back story to what the dairy industry is facing in TN, Dean Foods is cutting contracts with many dairies which is forcing farmers to shut down their operations.  The worst part of this was, he hadn't received a letter.  He should be wrapping up the morning milking right now but instead he is cleaning up the mess and making sure his cows are safe at the neighboring dairy.  He is a farmer and he will continue on with the cards he is dealt.  I left for class today untouched and as I passed my Dad loaded with dairy cows; it sank in that this mans life had changed.  This farmer is resilient, he may be going out of the dairy business but his plans still include doing whats ingrained in him, raising crops.

Update: I helped haul the following day.  Tuesday I decided community was more important than class.  There was a farmer in need and I was g…

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