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A Letter to the American Simmental Association

Full disclaimer: I am just a long time breeder who threw her thoughts onto the internet.  I am no writer, but my voice is here and will be used if the time comes. 

  As a breeder who was born and raised with Simmentals I need to voice my opinion on the new ruling to allow 3/8 blood cattle to show at national PTP (Progress Through Performance) sanctioned shows.  Before this ruling a calf had to be 1/2 blood to show.

Simmental breeders and others who have Simmi registered calves have tried the angles:

what about genetic defectswe are downgrading-compromising our breedhurts our "established" EPDStaints the simmental characetics (Do I need to add photos of OUR breed from the 70s)changes how people see our breed
This new rule would only affect SHOWS.  As our herdbook is currently you can paper anything from a 1/4 to PB along with registering super-low percentages as foundation stock.  Keeping that the issue is only in ring in mind my intial thought was people just don't wan…

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