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Calving Chaos

WOW! It has been a hectic month on the farm!  After my grandfather passed in 2014 we started trying to move our calving season to Jan/Feb and we almost have it narrowed down!  We had some Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday babies and hopefully we can finish up mid February! If you are new to the blog, we raise Simmental/Chi/Maine cross show cattle with the cull progeny going to my feeder operation to be fed out and then onto the food supply. 

       This story is about the farm, Volunteer Simmental (VS) and it's calves! There has never been any
type of study done to say that simmental's are fertile myrtles BUT THESE DANG COWS ARE FERTILE!  Cows typically birth a single calf at a time unless they are VS cows then they like to have twins and sometimes triplets. That being said we have had THREE sets born in the month of January.  Now normally farmers dislike twins but we do a lot of advanced reproductive work that (normally) has more success when a cow is fertile. And I may be a …

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