Modern Inventions Farmers Love

I was feeding this morning, in the dark and had to use my phone which has this nifty little device on the back.  It got me to thinking about other modern inventions that farmers/ranchers love but the reason we love them is different!  So here it is, a list of inventions and how/why farmers love them!

1: Popsocket  
    This is my favorite!  When I was feeding this morning and had my hands full of buckets I just opened the popsocket!  It's the greatest invention ever!! 

2. Online Shopping
   One of my friends out in Kansas who breaks colts and breeds registered Brangus.  Her immediate response was ONLINE SHOPPING!  The reasoning behind "it no time to leave the ranch to shop."

3.ATV/ Helicopters
   There's no voluntary fun involved in this!  Just rounding up cows! In the south we use ATVs and on larger ranches they often use helicopters because "as the crow flies" is much shorter than dodging trees and trailing them around hilly back country.

4. Yeti Coolers
   This one is my sister's!  On a hot day there is nothing worse than hot water when you're dripping sweat which is why God made Yeti coolers!

5. Cat Litter
  Found in every shop/barn and not actually used for cats!  We use it to soak up oil or other spilled  liquids 


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