A Letter to My Nail/Hair Salon

Dear Hair Salon, 
         I made my appointment over the phone at the last minute because I happened to get done with my farm chores early.  Thank you for understanding when I am late or have to cancel because farm life got in the way.  Thank you for not judging me when I leave my shoes at the door and walk through your salon barefoot!  But, especially thank you for making me look like I am not a rough and tough farm girl.           
     What you don't know is that my mom harps on how "manly" I am and I cross mountains to make sure I get to my appointment on time so I can impress her with my red nails...that hide the grease and mud!  Or how good you make my hair look for date night when I cannot seem to get there without getting dirty. 

Thank you hair and nail ladies, for making this farm girl look good!  

Baby C made her debut this week!


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