Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

 Today is the chicken show and I have been put in charge of picking them out.  The chickens are Elli's so I am feeling the pressure to pick her winners out to take.  Chickens' are used to many things in addition to exhibition (showing.)  There are many misconceptions to the chicken industry and I am going to break some down, while I put off selecting Elli's chickens. 

Hormone/Steroid Free:  In fact, hormones and steroids are ILLEGAL IN THE US. So, why do 77% of Americans believe we inject our birds with them? The chicken industry is a very innovative and advanced agriculture industry.  They strive to help feed the world with a wholesome, nutritious product so they are constantly changing the ratios (food), the genetics, housing types etc., but it all comes with a price of how they are looked at by their consumers.  Next time you are looking for chicken remember YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR "HORMONE OR STEROID FREE"

Brown vs White Eggs: Skin color doesn't define who you are on the inside just as it doesn't define the nutritional value of an egg!!!

White Striping: fat deposits in the meat, just like marbling in red meat....key thing to remember fat tastes good!


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