A Powerhouse

I am going through sorority recruitment this week and I have been walking around campus in heels, hose, and a dress!  I love dressing up.  I love working on the farm in my jeans, but as you've noticed on my blog I am all about traveling, staying in great hotels and attending events.  I plan on being an Ag Lawyer so that I can dress up often and still enjoy a great lifestyle along with being on the farm.   I know clothes don't make the person, but when I get dressed up in a blazer and slacks or I wear clothes like I am wearing this week, I feel AWESOME.  I feel like a POWERHOUSE.  Whenever I say that word I think about BEEF being a nutritional powerhouse!  This is why I advocate for the beef industry, because we have a fantastic product.  I am looking ahead at my future and it looks fantastic from where I stand.    I can't wait to enjoy this entire college experience.  I can't wait to see what my future holds!


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