The First Hurdle: Regional Livestock Judging

  I am in Denver right now for the National Beef Ambassador Contest 2015 but before I could board my five pm flight I had a full day of livestock judging and reasons.  I had told my 4-H agent I was leaving at four o'clock for the airport even if I wasn't finished judging.  The contest started at one, and the optimistic gal I am, thought it wouldn't be any trouble...  We finished judging classes at around three and then started reasons twenty minutes after that.  I had my phone on me, to keep time, it was nearing 3:40.   My aunt, who was kindly taking me to the airport, texted me to say she was waiting and I needed to busta move to get to the airport.  I did two sets of reasons (cattle and hogs)  in under fifteen minutes.  Once we left the contest, and raced to the the airport I was freaking just a bit!!  It was 4:30 when I my bag checked.  Security was awful.  There line seemed like it went on and on for miles. I asked some people near the front with tears streaming down my face if I could hop in front of them because I was due to leave at five.  We got to talking about life, where we were going, and from.  We eventually gained another guy on my same flight and another woman who were all running late.  After all the tears, calming words from my aunt and the stranger I met, running to the gate with socks on my feet and jacket in my hand, I MADE IT.  Once I got to Denver, I called my teammate and asked how we did...
    I got ninth individual, another girl got fifth, and our team got third.  That means we get to state!  The meats team, which I am also on is going to state too, so I am a happy girl.
These are two of my teammates: Megan and Aaron
And some girls I know through showing.


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