Tennessee Cattlemen's Association

This weekend was the yearly cattlemen convention for Tennessee.  It was held in the Music Road Hotel Convention center and the turnout was great!  The event was fantastic!  There were meetings, speakers, youth events and a Trade Show!  Ohh, yeah and plenty of good food.   I went to the convention Friday and Saturday.  Friday, I specifically went for a Cattlewomen meeting.  We haven't really had much of a Cattlewomen Association over the past few years so this was a chance to get it started back.
The team who thought they didn't have it in them and went because we knew it would be fun

 Saturday was when all the youth events were going to be held.  About a week ago, I got word we had enough people in my county to get together a BEEF quiz bowl team.  We don't really have an official team that practices a lot like other counties.  When a contest comes around we basically call around and drag people out of their fields or barns to come have fun!  Of course we would like to win, but we do it mostly for fun!  I received the questions from the ag teacher at the high school a couple of days before we competed, but I didn't look over them.   I find if I stress out over something,  I do worse.  At the contest I found out that no one else prepared either.  Being in the cattle setting all the time paid off for us all.  We used the knowledge that we acquire and apply everyday on our farms.  We ended up placing reserve which is fantastic because we beat teams that practiced a whole lot.  
  The entire convention was fantastic and it was wonderful to see folks I don't see often!   I can't wait until the next big thing..... The National Convention in Nashville!

We faced off against Lincoln County, you can tell we were there for fun.

Jennifer Houston and I - She is from my county and one of my favorite TN Cattlewomen!

Folks from the TN Beef Council!

Dr. Schrick- Univeristy of Tennessee Animal Science Department Head, Megan Mills, Madison Martin, Lexy Littreal,
Jacob Lay, and Shane Williams- Ag Credit Athens,


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