Young Farmer Madison

I was thinking recently about how I always relate big farmer events to what I was doing the day they happened.  It seems like I am never at home when things go wrong.  It is usually one of those unusual days that I decide to venture away from the farm. It doesn't happen often, but when it does something goes wrong.  Here are some examples:
     The last day Dollywood was open for the winter was when our calving season began! The first calf was a preemie heifer, and boy was she small.  Dad brought her to a newly bedded pen for the night and when I got home I wrapped her up!  It was a cold night! She was Lucky number One and she was lucky Dad found her.  She was also the first calf that will be registered under my name, exciting.
     I was recording a recent birth in my calf watch book.  However, the birth had happened over a week before I got around to recording it. I couldn't remember the exact date, but I knew it was born the day the movie "Divergent" came out!    Usually we don't see movies the day they come out so it was a memorable day.   I whipped out my smart phone to see that I had seen the movie on March 21, 2014!  
    The night the movie "Eclipse" came out I was at a cattle show and almost broke my jaw from being butted by a heifer in the ring. I still went on to win Grand Champion Percentage heifer.  Instead of riding home with the cattle I rode to the ER with my mom!! The Doc told me I was lucky that the jaw is the strongest bone or I would have broken it!
    I work at our local stock yard and the day I worked my first preconditioned sale I logged 14 hours.  I was excited because that meant money, but also exhausted when I came home at almost midnight to find out a calf was in trouble.  My dad informed that an old show heifer was calving and he just went ahead and brought her to the barn.    I had to check on her throughout the night and I was soooo tired.  After my  first check, I knew I  needed to get the calf out.  The head and ONE foot were out.  Its supposed to be TWO feet and a head on top.   Once I figured out what was wrong, I took off my jewelry and cardigan and went for it!!  I got it all situated but Dad and I weren't strong enough.  The calf died and then the following Saturday she had another calf, dead too.  In the end I am glad they were both born dead because she couldn't have raised two.
    Working on the farm is my life and no matter what else is going on it takes priority.  I haven't been to a prom yet (I might not go at all since there is no man yet) but if I do, I like to think about what kind of adventures I might have dressed in a fancy dress.  Hopefully those adventures won't involve pulling calves.

What kind of farm events do remember because they coincided with other important dates?


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