I Jumped

        This day has been the most chaotic productive satisfying day senior year, while all my friends were showing cattle and the local high school and ten surrounding counties were having Prom. It all began last night when I was working a party at the Eclectic Vibe Centre while my mom was away at a drama rehearsal. It was ten o’clock before she got back. The kicker was Ashton and I both had the ACT the next morning, 8 am bright and early. 8 am isn't a big deal, it is when you have farm chores to complete first. We were both up at 6, we were the walking dead, I had gotten smart and worn my clothes to bed!!! Once we had our tickets printed, none of our printers had ink, we headed out to go feed everything! When rolled out of the driveway at 7:30, everything was cooperating! We got breakfast at the convenient store and went to the test center. We have accomplished many victories on no sleep but we both agreed how difficult sitting at a desk reading question after question was! We couldn't focus, I got done with each part quickly so I could nap. I luckily didn't have to do the writing portion. I walked out of the their dead on my feet and in need of coffee, Farmer Madison Runs on Dunkin. Once I got my coffee, I got a call from the farm! I needed to breed a cow. I sped home and bred the cow. It was now three and I decided there was no use in taking a nap so I cleaned my room! While I was cleaning, I got this urge to cook, I am preparing for my future (hopefully a man can deal with me!!) I had been meaning to cook Beef Short Ribs for awhile but have been so busy. I went down to the freezer, got the ribs, started defrost them and went back to the barn to feed. The ribs were to cook for three hours so while the heifers were eating I went and prepared the food. It kept getting better, while I was washing dishes and watching the ribs simmer Dad walks in “when will you be ready to breed this cow?” Once I get to a stopping place and inform Eli we are leaving (yes, I left a 9yo at home alone, sue me) I took off my awesome apron from Strassburger Steaks I went to the barn. Not before I put the chickens up! When I finally got to the barn, it was raining. I bred the darn thing in the pouring rain. It kept getting better. I had to go let the show heifers out and feed hay to the horses and heifers. Earlier I had taken the ladder to the house...how did I get up into the hay loft? First I called dad to tell him I had no ladder, as he was walking to the house, I remembered *hey, I'm young, I used to scale the wall* I ended up calling dad and telling him I got up into the loft. Once I got the hay down, I faced the getting back down. I have always been one to jump off of things and try to basically hurt myself. After much internal debate, I jumped. Now I was out of the loft, the heifers were turned out it was back to the kitchen. I cooked dinner after sticking my hand inside a cow....Dad said it tasted good though! I am still cleaning the kitchen but I have more energy than I did this morning!

The recipe I got the idea from, I don't stick to directions very well was found on Drover's
The Beef freezer, one of two!

Took a break for stick my hand in a cow!

The wall I scaled.  It was all fun and games till i got to the door and had to pull myself  up!

Mushroom and wine sauce!


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