Proud Farmers Granddaughter

          As I was driving home to clean pens and work show calves...the radio in the truck is broken so I was thinking about my life!  As I was sitting at the stop sign longer than the people behind me probably liked but I was in a truck that maxed out at 55 mph so I left my "give a care" at home in my truck that can actually accelerate.  As I pulled out in front of someone in this manual dump-truck i was thinking how awesome kids are that were raised on farms and ranches.  My mom had called me this morning while I was at the barn feeding and asked me to get her some mulch for her studio and I COULD.  I drove that stick-shift, spread it (and it looks good), and unloaded 80 folding chairs all before lunch! While I was spreading i got so many looks and they looked harder when they realized I was a girl.   I am a farmers granddaughter work is second, sometimes first, nature to me!

Oops contracting (my sister and I) did this!

And i did this all by myself and loved every minute!


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