Death Tax Increase...

   An increase in taxes. This issue hits close to home.  The death tax is a thought always in the back of my mind, with my grandfathering passing away so recently.  I am not in on our finances but my grandmother is always uttering the word 'budget'.  I am a 4th generation farmer but the death tax could take it all away.  We have barns my great-grandfather built, plows my grandfather bought and over all these years we have paid taxes after taxes and now Hillary is talking about raising the death tax 65% which will be the highest it has been since 1981, another reason she is not right for this country or for farmers and ranchers (among others.)  I am a farmer born and bred but will my family be able to continue what we have done for centuries.   Even though my grandfather died the cows are still calving and we need diesel to sow seed and money to buy feed but there is a certain way we have to pay for things and receive money for cattle.  It is a confusing process, one that I think should be so simple.


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