Transitional Planning

I feel like I talk about this a lot but here's another blog post about my grandfathers passing.  This is a different kind of post however.  I am at the American National CattleWomen convention held in conjunction with the National Cattlemens Beef Association in Nashville.  This post is about transitional planning.  I had the privilege of hearing from Kelli and Donell Brown for R.A Brown Ranch out of Texas.  They say "Keep the ranch in the family and the family in the ranch."  They have been and are successful in keeping true to that saying.  Their history of transition planning dates back all the way to the 1800s or so, anyways, they have been so successful Donell has become a speaker and brought Kelli along this time to Nashville.
     They gave us so many tips that I can relate to because after losing the Man that built our farm we often look back and wish we had done these things.  They said one more thing that stuck with me because my grandfather wouldn't  let us run things before he died.  They told us we didn't have to change but we would have to compete with those that did.  We did not do any transitional planning so my grandmother, the #BossBabe of our farm is running things.  This takes me to another point how men don't look to a woman as a boss. I have one thing to tell you MY GRANDMOTHER RUNS VOLUNTEER SIMMENTAL.  Although, we did not do transition planning we are behind with our program because we are still trying to get our ducks in a row.  We are competing with the farms and ranches who planned for change.  I know now to follow the sound advice of the Brown's transition planning.


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