Easter Suprise

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

  Our Easter started out like any other Easter, we were rushed to get everyone ready but dad was still at the barn.  He drove up in the Kubota to get breakfast with the news that would put our whole day out of whack.  He told us there was a cow down in the pond.  My first thought was how deep was she, like backhoe arm stretched way out, with us swimming to put ropes around her or just on the side with a foot stuck.  There are many hazards with having ponds and this wont be the first animal I have pulled out of one, but this cow has a special place in my heart.  Little Bit, never lost her class and was one of Pop's oldest cows.  She was an '02 model.  She was also one of the best cows, and we had a bright future planned for her after she calved.  Then she calved and all went down hill from there; she stopped eating, she got mastitis and had something else wrong in her gut.  Once we got her standing and walked out of the pond we all diapered to help get the rest of the chores done which included feeding hay. Well, about five minutes later we heard a big thud...she fell over, straight on her side.  I ran to her side and tried to hold the tears back.  This cow had been around my entire life and seeing her like this broke me into pieces.  I even had a hasgtag named after her #thisismyLEGGACY.  Once I made it over to her, I consoled her and made sure she was comfortable.  My mom was standing close by and having seen people die said (the cow) was having the death gurgles.  She had given up, but we had failed her too.  She withered around like she wanted to get up so I mustered up all my strengeth and with the help of David and Mom got her sitting up.  We thought all was well so everyone walked off.  I was left holding her up with my leg...and not long after I was left holding a dead cow.  Her baby was standing behind me.  Once we got her took off to be buried I went into her calf to pet it, I am not one to say cows have feelings but I do and it made me feel better seeing the cute fluff she left behind.  Leggacy may be dead but she lives on in the many wet heads I got from taking backdrop photos standing under her mouth and the ribbons that hang in our office.


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