The Future is ME & YOU

We are the future
Passion is what you work hard for.  Its what you put everything into, your blood, sweat, and tears.  I get worked up over farm matters easily.  My dad and grandparents have always included me in the discussions of the farm matters including: money and management.  I used to take it for granted but then it dawned on me that one day it was all going to be mine. I was going to have to run it on my own with knowledge that I gained by being asked for my opinion at such a young age. So I started listening and taking into account how I would run things.  When asked what bulls to cut, or recipient cows to purchase I started putting more thought into it.  I think they started to notice because they are starting to put my thought into decisions, the final decision.
        We, my dad and boyfriend (and me) are getting ready to set on a new adventure that they have always wanted to do, I am just there for manual labor and my connections in the BEEF industry.  My dad is going to let us make some very influential decisions because he has always taught us to learn by doing.  Our choices may cost or make us thousands.  This adventure is going to see how much we have learned by just giving our input to actually making the final decisions.  I think this step in going from a voice to the say-so is such a crucial step to take while the wise ones are still around. For instance, there are many times we have to sit and ponder on how my Pop (grandfather) did things because he didn't include us in on everything.  It is all going to be mine one day and I want to learn how to make it even more successful by learning through my dad and boyfriends mistakes!!!
   My point is this: just because it isn't yours...the reality is that one day it will be.  Volunteer Simmental will be mine and I can't wait to make my Dad and Pop proud of

where I plan to take it (and to where I am taking it now.)


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