The moment I hated showing cattle


    My first show after Mean Gene died was very hard.  I entered the ring and exited only to not have my biggest supporter waiting with the halter.  But, one thing that got me through was the people that surrounded me.  I felt hands all along my way to the ring.  I felt Pop there but I still didn't see him.  That was the part that sucked.  I have mourned long enough but now I don't want to show.  I could care less if I ever saw another show or walked in the ring....that is till I met VS DIVA!  She has a stacked pedigree.  She is out of the heifer we won Grand Champion % Simmental Heifer at the Dixie Nationals.  Her sire is a bull I feel in love with when Pop and I would check the cows.  No, I never met this bull, we didn't raise him, but we have a lot of his daughter grazing our pastures and I loved them.  (Black Joker is an old purebred Simmental bull)  I begged and pleaded to get semen on him for as long as I can remember.  I finally got my wish with this cross and then Diva was born.  She has been a looker since she hit the ground.  I didn't think I could get to mess with her because I am away at school all week and then playing catch-up with the farm work on the weekend.  I didn't think this heifer would change so many things with me.  She did.
   I walked into her pen two/three weeks ago with a show stick and brush.  She loved it and I loved doing it.  The next weekend I did the same. This weekend I put a halter on her!! I got her out of the stall with a lot of patience, got her blown off and began the trek to the wash rack.  She did fine.  I was very skeptical on getting close to her because she could have kicked you before you knew her foot left the ground.  Once I got her scrubbed and dried.  I got her all shiny and became brushing her.  I was smiling ear to ear doing this simple task that way back when I loved.  This was the exact moment I found my passion again.  This little heifer gave me so much as I stood in the barn brushing her.  I want to show again, I want to spend my days in the barn again.


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