3 Things You Need to Know About Modern Agriculture

There are many many misconceptions about the agriculture industry.  I think a lot about how to "correct" the way the public views farmers and ranchers.  Being surrounded all aspects of ag I have come up with 3 misconceptions that consumers have about the agriculture community.  If you have any more you would like to know more about leave a comment.
     All products (GMO, DAIRY, BEEF, POULTRY etc) are safe, wholesome, and nutritious for you and your family. Farmers and ranchers work day and in a day out to make sure we have a great product.  I feel like a crucial thing to remember is we are consumers too. 
    Don't let labels mislead you. It is federal law poultry cannot have added steroids or hormones.  GMOs have been around for more than 60 years, and there are no reported cases of them affecting humans.  

          Farmers and ranchers care and we are capable.  We, too, consume our products.  The same cow we put in the grocery stores is at our table.  Raising crops, livestock, being stewards of the land is our livelihood.  97% of farms are family owned and ran.  We want to keep them in our families and to do so we must take care of them the best we know how. 


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